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What makes Zebra Barcode Printers so great?

Posted on Mon, Apr 20, 2015

Desktop barcode printerDoes your company ship goods around the country or even internationally? If so, you may know that an inefficient barcode printer can truly mess your shipping process dramatically. This is why investing in a thermal barcode printer is such a great idea. These printers are designed to make life much easier, not to mention give you an assortment of other benefits. So, if you are shipping out more than one package daily, you need to consider picking up a Zebra printer from Governor Business Solutions and see how it can improve your business performance. 

Available Printers

No matter the size of your company, the Zebra lineup of printers has something that works for you. For most businesses, a simple desktop printer is more than enough. This printer connects to your computer system, so when an order comes in, the shipment invoice loads into your shipping software. All you need to do is print the invoice when you have the products and goods pulled in the warehouse (or wherever you keep the goods). Once the product is printed it has a removable backing, so you can simply stick the shipping label, barcode and other information directly onto the package. Now, if you have a larger business and ship hundreds of items a day, printing out one item after another may not be the most desirable practice. That is why Zebra also produces industrial printers. These printers work at a faster clip, so you can print off the material all at once and have the receipts, shipping labels and barcodes all ready for usage immediately. 

zebra-handheldNo Ink

The downside of operating most printers is, eventually, you're going to run out of ink. Often times it seems like replacing the ink actually costs more than the printer itself. With Zebra printers, there are thermal printers, so no ink is required. The information is imprinted into the paper without the aid of ink, so you never need to rush to the store for replacement cartridges or toner. After all, your shipping and production can't stop to a halt because you need more ink. This helps save money and time. 

Size of the Zebra Printers

Regardless of your office or where you are located, size is important. Zebra printers are extremely small, so even if you have a small desk, the printers do not take up much room on the desk. With the absence of any ink cartridges inside of the printer it can already be far smaller than a traditional printer. Beyond this, the paper comes in a roll and the roll is inserted into the interior of the Zebra printer, so it is out of sight. All of this makes for a much more desirable print design, offering you a compact printer that is economical in its space utilization. 

Something for the Money

There is sure to be a Zebra barcode printer that fits into your company's budget. Whether it is a no frills desktop printer, something you can use with a mobile phone or tablet while traveling or an industrial printer, there is something for all budgets and for all companies. This way, you should be able to afford the installation of a new Zebra printer. 

Zebra-PF-logo-Advanced-Template-300x149Overall, Zebra Barcode Printers are great for any budget, for high production and for most needs. If you are looking to improve upon your business functionality and want to be able to save time and money in the long run, you need to invest in a Zebra printer. There is a wide selection available to you at Governor Business Solutions

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