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Your Company Might Need Zebra Barcode Scanners. Here’s why!

Posted on Mon, Jun 27, 2016

Looking for the right barcode scanner for your business? There are a host of different brands out there. One of the top is Zebra. Designed specifically to assist with tracking medications while offering you powerful control on everything coming in and out of your facility, a Zebra barcode scanner is an excellent purchase opportunity. Now, you should always only purchase what works best for your budget and your office, but before you go out and pick up a particular piece of equipment, make sure to check out these five reasons why a Zebra barcode scanner might be perfect for you.

Variety of Designs

zebra supplies finderThe thing about a Zebra barcode scanner is there are different available designs, so one likely fits your particular needs. There are the specific "Healthcare Scanners." These are designed to be lightweight and easy to use. Most of these scanners are wireless with a charging dock, so it is always ready for you. The company also sells a portable, "Ultra Rugged" scanner. This is a device built to be used anywhere. It is completely insulted, so it doesn't matter if you drop it, bang into it or experience any other kind of stress, it is available for your purchase. From here, the company also sells multi-plane scanners, general purpose and fixed mount scanners.

2D Imaging

Braces have changed drastically in recent years, so the need to have an upgraded barcode scanner is a must. With 2D imaging, the Zebra barcode scanner can read a larger variety of barcodes, not to mention the barcode doesn't need to always be flat. In the healthcare industry you do not always have a flat surface to work with (especially if barcodes are placed on a patient), so this updated offering makes for an excellent feature to consider. A 2D barcode reader is able to access more information than the traditional 1D reader. With a 1D reader, it can only scan the vertical stripe barcodes. 2D can read not only the vertical stripes, but a wide selection of other options (including driver's licensees and data matrixes.

Information Tracking in Healthcare Industry

A Zebra barcode scanner is able to identify and track a host of information for you. If you work within the healthcare industry, some bits of information the equipment can track includes positively identifying a patient, medication administration for clinical scans, specimen collection, age verification, prescription imaging and dietary tracking, just to name a few of the different benefits and information tracking options connected with these devices.

Different Industry Sectors

While Zebra does have a host of specially crafted medical scanners, this is not the only industry Zebra works with. The company utilizes its 2D imaging to work with several different industries. Outside of healthcare, it also works within the retail sector, hospitality and manufacturing. There are several models that can work in different industries, yet there are also specially crafted designs that are for individual sectors. This way, no matter what kind of work your office is in, there is something from Zebra that will work with you.

What Feels Right

Outside of all the different design features and options, you need to find something that just feels right in your hand. With the large selection of different Zebra barcode scanners, you are likely going to find something that fits your comfort needs. Now, in some cases if you are using the barcode scanner with a point of sales system, you don't need something you can carry around at all times. However, if you do use it as a portable scanner, you need something that feels good in you hand.

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