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Your Company is Probably Overspending on your Printing Costs. Here’s Why!

Posted on Mon, Jan 9, 2017

There are many expenses associated with running your business. One of which is printing. You may view your printing expenses as a standard fee you pay annually, but do you actually know how much your company is spending on printing? Most likely, you could be overspending on printing costs, especially if it isn't managed. Monitoring each employee can be difficult, but based on some general research performed by Price Waterhouse Coopers, the average employee uses far more paper than you might realize. Reducing this paper usage can help save you a substantial amount of money.


Why You're Overspending on Printing Costs: The Average Employee

Every office is different, so your employees may use more or less paper throughout the course of a year. However, in general, the average employee uses 10,000 pieces of paper for prints and copies annually. This costs you around $1,200 every single year between the paper, energy and ink costs. Add this all up with the number of employees you have and you can instantly see just how much this is starting to cost you. Possibly worst of all is 17 percent of all printed documents are mistakes or go directly into the trash. A single piece of paper seems like an inexpensive error, but when compounded throughout the course of the year with all your employees, this becomes a massive expense.


How to Stop Overspending on Printing Costs - Cutting the Costs

One way to cut down the amount of money you pay for printing is by taking advantage of a managed print service, such as HP's Managed Print Services. This service, available for your printers (it can work on different kinds of printers, not just Hewlett-Packard) more or less runs your printer. It alters print settings and standards to cut down on paper and ink usage.


Managed Print Services Provides You In-Depth Information

With the managed printer service, you can monitor your printers and stay on top of how much it is being used, who is using the printer and what it is costing you. Plus, you can edit settings on the printer, such as implementing double-sided printing and turning on "draft mode," which reduces ink consumption. The managed print services offers you a summarized report on all print costs every quarter. With this kind of information, you can see where costs are originating, who is using the most paper (this is possible run running a network printer).


If you're interested in saving money and stop overspending on printing costs, contact Governor Business Solutions today. You'll receive a free managed print solutions consultation in addition to answers for all your printing questions.

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