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What does Workflow Solutions do for me?

Posted on Mon, Mar 2, 2015

Workflow solutions is a term that can mean many different things depending upon what industry you are applying it to, or how your company's specific parts work together. However, when it comes to print management, workflow solutions can give you a direct map to increase productivity, cut costs and in general, do business faster and better. Here is a breakdown of workflow solutions as I see them relating to businesses that need print services.

What is a Workflow Exactly?cut-print-costs-cta

Think of a workflow like a plan for the processes that you use for your company. A workflow details the people, tasks and procedures involved in completing a specific task or a specific set of tasks. As you can see, this can mean that some workflows are extremely large, while others only have broader, general guidelines. When it relates to managed print services, workflow solutions are problem solving solutions that address needs within your workflow. Your workflow may be similar to other companies, but it is more likely that it is completely unique to you and your business.

Workflow Solutions That Managed Print Services Can Provide

Your workflow solutions begin with the management of your printing devices, and the documents that you print from them. Managed print services allow you to give up the direct responsible for making sure that all of your printers are working properly, are maintained regularly and are fully stocked with supplies. Also, managed print services ensure that when a problem happens, it is fixed as quickly as possible, but the very fact that printers are monitored and maintained eliminates a great deal of those breakdowns.

Workflow Solutions Cut Costs & Increase Productivity

When your company is running at top efficiency, it makes money, and when things grind to a stop because of malfunctioning equipment, often the opposite happens. However, with managed print services integrated into your workflow you will minimize your downtime from breakdowns, as well as increase productivity by allowing the sharing of resources and networking that makes your company run faster, better and stronger. This directly relates to a reduction in costs of course, but because you are using managed print services for everything from maintenance to cartridges, paper and other supplies, you will save money instantly on those things as well. This means a better bottom line for your company right away with managed print services in your workflow solutions plan.

Document Distribution That Works

No matter what type of business you are in, odds are, your managed print service will have a specific document distribution plan for that type of industry. When you allow for document management, you ensure that information is stored, retrieved and captured in the easiest and most secure way needed for whatever your business processes are. Documents will also be shared much more effectively, whether they are being shared with specific people, specific groups within your company, or publicly, and because document management is so dynamic, you can change this instantly.

A Lack of Security Can Cost You

Even if you aren't in an industry like legal, real estate or another that requires tight security, you still have documents and information that you want to keep secure, and managed print services allow you to integrate security solutions into your workflow so that you know that your information is as protected as it can be, and that you can change those options to fit your needs at any time.

Managed Print Services Offer Solutions That  are Proven to Work!

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