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Why Signature Pads are an Advantage for your business

Posted on Mon, Nov 11, 2013

epadAt the conclusion of every transaction your company makes, you probably collect some sort of a signature. Whether it is on a long document, a receipt, a slip of paper or just about anything else, the signature of the customer or client signals the conclusion of the transaction. While you are probably happy with every sale, chances are you don't like the stack of paper starting to grow, for which the only thing you can do is file it away in a cabinet somewhere. Of course, this requires you to alphabetize it, otherwise tracking down the paperwork becomes all but impossible (or at least put it in chronological order by date). The better your business does though and the more clients you bring in, the more cabinet space these mountains of receipts are going to require. With office space a valuable commodity you probably don't want to hand over to filing cabinets, it is important to seek out an alternative to this mess. One such valuable offering is a signature pad for your business.

The signature pad is a digital reader an individual signs their name on and a computer records. It comes in handy for several industries including: car dealerships, manufacturing, retail, legal, healthcare and more. Each industry receives additional benefits, but what most industries get out of signature pads is the reduction in paperwork and the increase in overall productivity.

Reduce Paperwork

epad_productiveThe signature pads connects directly to a computer system, so when the program is activated, the software is able to record the signature, based on the movement of the pen on the digital pad. Once the content has been recorded you are able to print out a copy of the signature, should your customer desire a copy. If not, you do not need to transfer the information to paper at all. In fact, you are able to email a copy of the signature and transaction to your client, which in turn might prove more useful to them as well, as they are able to file away the information digitally, without requiring extensive paperwork as well. Cutting down on paperwork cuts down on finances, as simply avoiding the continual print outs alone is capable of saving you hundreds of dollars a year. Not to mention the need to go out and buy new storage hardware for the office reduces the work space of the individual in the file cabinet area. Furthermore, this device does more than just save you paper space; it can also improve your productivity levels as well.

Increase Productivity

There are times where you need to track down a receipt, either for a customer or for a potential audit. Nothing is worse than sitting in front of a filing cabinet, digging through the past receipts. With the signature pads, this no longer is a problem. The signature pads transfer the signature information to a computer, which is then able to store the information onto your office network server or other hard drive. This way, you just need to bring up the individual's name, account information or transaction date and you will have the information right in front of you. This is able to save you time and an extensive amount of energy along the way.

Additionally, you do not have to mandate a staff member to organize all of the paper receipts, place the information in folders and organize it accordingly. This simply takes far too long and they probably have more valuable tasks on hand to complete than file receipts.

Signature pads are a helpful addition to any office, the device will save you both time and money in the long run. Since the holidays are just around the corner, we made it easy to directly purchase a signature pad online. Call 888-513-3593 to hear more about details on the new Signature ePad. 

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