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Why companies are going to Ergotron furniture?

Posted on Mon, Feb 12, 2018

ergotron-furniture-solutionsOrganizations across the world are turning to Ergotron solutions for good reason. People are sitting more nowadays than ever before. In fact, some people sit for the entirety of the day while working, watching TV, using the computer and sleeping. This is quickly becoming a major problem for posture, general health and even productivity. In this blog post, you will be able to hear about the health benefits your employees will gain from an Ergotron furniture solution


Combat the Sedentary Nature of Modern Work With Ergotron Solutions

The average person spends the majority of his or her day sitting. Consider all of the things people do in front of screens these days. From working to watching TV, surfing the web, eating and sleeping, the unfortunate truth is most of our time is spent on our backside.

Also referred to as “sitting disease”, an excessively sedentary lifestyle harms physical health more than most believe. This sedentary way of life is the health equivalent of smoking. It causes a reduction in blood flow, a spike in blood sugar and a reduction in cholesterol. In fact, sitting for excessive periods of time can even lead to stroke, diabetes, heart disease and even some types of cancer. The answer is Ergotron's flexible, ergonomical and visually pleasing solutions.


The Option to Sit or Stand While Working

A large part of the reason why businesses and other organizations opt for Ergotron solutions is flexibility. Ergotron desks, monitor mounts and other solutions can be altered to each user's unique desires. Perhaps you would like to stand while working. Maybe you would like to sit upon arrival, enjoy your coffee and segue to standing while work until lunch. The appeal of Ergotron products is they provide such flexibility. These products are designed to provide an ergonomically comfortable means of working.

Simply giving an employee the option to sit or stand really does make a difference in his or her health and well-being. Provide your team with Ergotron solutions and they will be able to enjoy a sit-stand work routine at their discretion. When given the option, most employees elect to stand rather than sit for the entirety of the day. This is not to say it is healthy or advisable to stand for the entirety of a workday. Rather, Ergotron provides people with the option to stand for part of the day and seamlessly transition to a traditional desk in which one sits to work. This is the type of workplace flexibility every employee needs and deserves. Furthermore, they enjoy the ability to alter the height of their workstation as desired.


Additional Benefits of Ergotron Solutions

Aside from providing workers with height-adjustable workstations, Ergotron products also allow for the placement of the screen and keyboard with one motion. This makes computing as comfortable as possible for extended work periods. Two monitors can be aligned next to one another to create a dual-display work area that ultimately enhances productivity. Even the height of the keyboard and screen can be adjusted to provide optimal comfort.

Those who have transitioned to Ergotron's solutions find these movement-friendly workstations make a positive interaction on others. They even heighten the face time amongst workers as well. Though most people assume the younger crowd flocks to these creative, ergonomically friendly desks and other workplace solutions, the truth is half of those 60 or older report they implemented the sit-stand solutions before their younger co-workers. Ergotron reports three-quarters of all sit-stand users report their workstation make a positive impact on mood. This is quite the contrast to the six percent of of those who spend the day sitting while working and report the same. It is clear Ergotron products improve employee health, workplace morale and ultimately, the bottom line.

For details on the best products for your office space, talk to a local professional Ergotron provider, such as Governor Business Solutions. Governor Business Solutions works with Ergotron to offer the top-line products and solutions that adapt technology to the physical needs of each person. Ergotron products will create a work environment that promotes wellness AND improves productivity. Solutions might include desk mounts, wall mounts, carts, workstations, and other ergonomic products.

Ergotron offers several tools to help you determine which ergonomic solutions will work best in your workplace. Start finding solutions on the Governor Business Solution website, here.

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