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Why cloud computing is necessary for small businesses

Posted on Mon, Oct 21, 2013


For years, businesses had to rely on the internal storage of their documents. This required hard drive after replacement hard drive, and not to mention boxes of those wonderful floppy disks. While technology has improved significantly over the past few years when it comes to office production, one of the most important and cost effective areas stands as the introduction to cloud services. Cloud services allows you to save, download and access files anywhere in the world. While the ability to access files anywhere might sound more like a novelty than an actual need, there are some very real needs cloud services addresses, especially when it comes to small businesses.


Reduced IT Cost

In order to maintain all of your digital records, it's important to start saving all of the files on an internal network. This internal network allows all of the computers connected, access to the saved files while the data is actually saved on hard drives connected to the network server. Over time, you are going to have to add additional hard drives, or at least larger storage, to the server, and this drastically increases the price of your IT. Additionally, you might find yourself backed up with other projects, that you need to bring in an IT professional to monitor and manage everything. Now, you not only have to pay the added price of maintaining the equipment but also the added wages of the new employee. By using cloud storage options, this drastically reduces the amount of content you need on location, slashing down the price for your IT department.Faster Customer Support
When a customer contacts you, the faster you are able to reply and provide an answer, the better off you are going to be. However, when you are trying to search through piles of paperwork, back storage or other methods of file sharing it just isn't going to prove possible to locate the information quickly. Furthermore, if you are out of the office, you'll have to rely on a fax or even an email. With cloud services, you simply log on and look up the file from anywhere, saving you time and ensuring your client stays happy.Access Information Anywhere
In the small business world, chances are you travel a lot. However, you can't stay connected to the business network, which means while away, you won't be able to open files stored locally. With cloud services, you can open files with only an Internet connection. This way, if you need a contact, former application, business details or anything else, you simply open up the internet from any device (including tablets and smart phones) and access the files right there.No Lost Data
The problem with local storage is the need to continually update and replace equipment. If you don't, the local data might become corrupted or the drive might eventually wear out. Should this happen before you create another backup, all the content is going to disappear. With cloud services, you never have to worry about this problem happening. So, regardless of the business size or even the products and services it provides, cloud services offers an essential improvement to almost every aspect of the work place.
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