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Why Canon Printers are great for mobile printing

Posted on Mon, Sep 14, 2015

mobile-printingIn many businesses, mobile phones and tablets have supplanted desktops and notebooks as the devices of choice for receiving email, browsing the web and even doing some light document editing. With so much of your business's important data relocated to mobile devices, having a printer that can accept print jobs directly from phones and tablets is practically a requirement today. Many of Canon's most popular business printers are mobile-friendly and there are many great reasons to choose a Cannon printer for your mobile printing needs.

Mobile Printing Apps are Available for Many Popular Devices

Cannon offers free full-featured printing apps for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Once the app is installed, you can easily print over WiFi to any of the nearly 90 multi-function devices and printers that are compatible with each app, including many models from the following series:

  • Canon imageClass
  • Canon imageRUNNER
  • Canon ImageRUNNER ADVANmobilCE
  • Canon LASER CLASS (Android only)

Cannon also offers basic compatibility with a limited number of printers for Blackberry, Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX devices.

Mobile Printing Apps are Compatible with Most Popular File Formats

The Canon printer app can print from almost any application on iOS or Android, up to 20 pages at a time, and it is compatible with many common file formats. This includes images, such as JPG, PNG and GIF files, standard text files, web pages, and PDF files. Both the iOS and Android version can print Microsoft Office documents, though with the iOS version, a free online conversion is required if you wish to perfectly preserve the original formatting. The iOS version can also print any file created in the iWork suite.

Print Settings Can Easily be Configured from Your Device

Before printing, you can easily manipulate common print settings, including the paper size, color settings and print range, and you can enable features such as two-sided printing or printing two pages per side. You can also select which printer on the network you would like print to, and locate new printers by entering an IP address or letting the app automatically discover all your networked printers.

Sensitive Information can be protected with Secure Print

Printing over unsecured WiFi could possibly allow your data to be intercepted on the way to the printer, or the printed document could be physically intercepted by someone near the printer when document is created. By using a Canon printer with Secure Print, you can keep your data safe.

When mobile printing with Secure print, you must select the “Secure Print” option in the printer settings, then enter a new PIN number for the job. The data will then be encrypted and sent to the printer. At the printer, you must log in to its interface, select your print job and enter the PIN you chose to complete the printing process. This ensures that only you can access the printed data, keeping it safe and secure.

For more information about the wireless features of our Canon Printers, contact Governors Business Solutions at 313-441-4600. Our team can help you find the most ideal Canon mobile printer series to fit the needs of your business and the budget! We have been supplying southeast Michigan with complete document solutions for over 35 years.

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