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When to buy refurbished printer parts vs new printer parts

Posted on Mon, Oct 17, 2016

There are a handful of tech items you should never purchased refurbished. Generally speaking, anything with a short life expectancy you should always buy new. While refurbished does mean the factor has inspected a part or piece of hardware, the fact of the matter is the part is still used. Due to this, you need to know when to pay the extra money for new parts, and when going with refurbished parts is acceptable. When considering replacement printer parts, this is extremely important. Buying the wrong part can result in your hardware breaking down in the middle of an important print job or spilling toner throughout. Make sure to use this guide when considering whether or not to buy refurbished printer parts.

Image result for printer partsDoes Ink Flow Through It?

Does the replacement part you need transport ink? If ink touches the part in any way, shape or form you should almost always go new over refurbished. Why? Because while the part is factory inspected, it often is not possible to completely clean out these areas of a printer. While some printer equipment, models and brands are easier to clean than others, chances are some dry ink remains. This not only reduces the potential quality of your print job but it also may result in blockage during a print job. So, keep this in mind when shopping around for replacement parts. While new parts are more expensive, it likely will last longer and run into fewer initial problems.

How Many Moving Parts

The next question you need to answer is whether or not there are moving parts you need to replace. If there are movable parts, such as sprockets, wheels or other elements that move it is a good idea to go new. Anything that moves breaks down faster. Even after a part is inspected and determined free of imperfections, the part still carries all the mileage it has gone through. So, while the used part may not show any signs of wear and tear, the continually spinning does reduce the structurally soundness of the part. If you were to go with a refurbished, movable part, you really have no actual idea how often it has been used and what sort of life expectancy it has. You very well might end up replacing the part multiple times with refurbished parts, when you could have gone with a single, brand new part.

Stationary, Doesn't Touch Ink

For everything else in the printer, refurbished printer parts can prove to be a great deal. Whether metal or plastic, utilizing refurbished material will save you money. Perhaps you need a new tray or lid to your printer. These parts are solid, inspected, and do not usually contain movable parts, which means the material will last just as long as brand new parts. When deciding between refurbished or new, beyond the amount of money you save, you need to consider how long the replacement part will last. Constantly fixing your printer reduces company productivity and it may come at a terrible time. As long as the life expectancy for the part is similar to that of new material, go with the refurbished option.

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