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What’s This ‘Mobile Printing’ All About?

Posted on Mon, Sep 2, 2013

1We work in a global economy, and many people are constantly on the move – either we’re traveling for business or on a summer vacation – but we are still in need of access to information. Laptops, smartphones, and tablets facilitated the mobilization of offices; now cloud computing is enabling people to not only stay in contact but to do their job from almost anywhere, by providing access to their files and information, even when they’re nowhere near their desk.
When you upload and store your data in the cloud, it can be accessed from almost anywhere — the airport, a hotel room, another office, or even in a meeting at a client’s facility. But what happens when you need to print your documents while you’re out of the office?This is where we come in, Mobile printing or cloud computing provides you with access to actual hard or paper copies of your electronic files. With on-demand, mobile printing you can print any type of file from many remote locations. Being away from the office no longer means being away from a printer.Mobile printing is the next biggest thing. For business people that are always on the go, this feature can be very handy! Think of a time when you were heading somewhere and you forgot to print off an important document. Print from your mobile phone on the way there, and your document will be waiting for you before you even get there. There are actually 3 different ways to mobile print from your phone or tablet.
There's Three Ways to mobile/cloud print:

Email your documents. Your printer will have an unique email address to send to. After emailing the document to that desired printer’s email address, you will receive in return a release code to enter into the device to permit your documents to print. That way your documents aren’t sitting in the tray for people to take, look at or throw away.

Upload your document to a website. As soon as you know which printer you are choose, you can upload your document, from your phone, online. Again, you will receive a release code to keep your document safe and secure.

Use an app. You can also download an app to use mobile printing. Depending on which vendor you use, your app will differ for each vendor. Most mobile printing apps can locate the nearest by printer, you then email your document, through the app, to that printer. That printer will almost instantly receive your document, you of coarse enter in your release code once you get to that printer and your document is ready to print!

Mobile printing or cloud computing eliminates the need to install print drivers, and is a tremendous resource for remote employees, mobile workers, and on-the-go executives. Imagine being out of the office and realizing you need to edit a document that you’re presenting to a customer later that day? Mobile printing enables you to access the source file remotely, make the desired revisions, then print out new copies of the updated document from virtually anywhere.

This convenience empowers you to freely and successfully work independent of your office, and that’s why there’s such a buzz about mobile printing. To see more how Cloud computing can benefit your business, see the rest of our blogs here on our Governor Business Solutions Blog or Call us today to learn how to take advantage of this beneficial technology at (888)513-3593. 

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