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What Makes Zebra Barcode Scanners So Great

Posted on Tue, Mar 7, 2017

Barcode scanners make it easy to update inventory, ring up purchases at a point of sales computer and identify products instantly. However, not all barcode scanners are created equal. Some must remain locked down to a computer. Others are lightweight and not great work tools out in the field. If you are in need of a durable barcode scanner, capable of being there when you need it, Zebra barcode scanners may satisfy all your needs. With several important features differing the hardware from the standard POS readers, Governor Business Solutions has your barcode scanner needs covered.

zebra-handheldZebra Barcode Scanners are Fully Portable

In a large warehouse, you need a portable barcode scanner. This way, you can quickly identify products, check stock and update pertinent information without staying tethered to a computer. If you have field technicians working outdoors, scanning electrical connections on the outside of houses or places of business, a full portable barcode scanner is your only real option (outside of carrying a laptop or tablet with you). Zebra barcode scanners provide you with a fully portable design, capable of handling all of your business needs


Zebra Barcode Scanners Have a Rugged Design

Zebra brace scanners are designed with industry leading ergonomics. This way it feels comfortable to hold. The rugged construction also makes it possible to drop or bump without suffering damage. When out in the field, environmental conditions are not always pristine, which means slipping or dropping a wet grip can occur. The rugged design of a Zebra scanner prevents damage, which extends the life of your barcode scanner.


Scanners Use Barcode and RFID Technology

Depending on the barcodes you need to scan, certain scanners will not work for you. Zebra scanners are able to scan with both barcode and RFID technology. This way, no matter the data type, nearly anything can be captured and fed into the scanner. Zebra is widely considered one of the very best brands on the market today when it comes to barcode scanning technology. If there is a current barcode in use today, no matter the style of barcode used, a Zebra scanner is able to scan the information. This is true in both dry and wet conditions. When working in the rain, the barcode scanner needs to be able to identify the barcode without having moisture disrupt the laser or prevent the reader from reading the information. The rugged construction of the Zebra barcode scanners keeps the equipment safe while the powerful, state of the art technology of the device ensures it can read nearly any barcode in any condition.


Zebra Barcode Scanners Have an Excellent Service Plan

While Zebra barcode scanners are designed to handle most conditions, damage can occur. With an excellent service plan, you can have a barcode scanner repaired. From a cracked screen to locked trigger or chipped keypad, the entire scanner is protected with the service plan. With this kind of quality customer care, you don't need to worry about investing in such a device. Instead, with the durability of the scanner on top of the service plan, you will save money on barcode scanners by extending the life of your initial investment.


Central Remote Management

You can easily maintain, charge and monitor the Zebra scanners with the centralized remote management system

Whether Zebra barcode scanners are right for you or you are interested in something smaller and designed for a desktop POS, Governor Business Solutions has you covered. So if you're on the market for new barcode scanners and either are ready to purchase or have questions regarding what might be right for your company needs, contact Governor Business Solutions today!

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