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What is Managed Print Services?

Posted on Mon, Aug 3, 2015

Managed Print Services, commonly referred to with the acronym MPS, has the potential to save every type of organization a considerable amount of money. While most companies print, scan and copy documents without a second thought, the unfortunate truth is that each piece of paper and drop of ink adds up to a significant cost. The vast majority of businesses drastically underestimate just how much they actually print and spend on those printing activities. Managed print Services is here to change that.

What MPS Does for Businesses

An effective MPS program will empower businesses to accurately gauge their aggregate print needs and costs. It will also implement quantifiable cost controls as well. Plenty of businesses spend upwards of 3% of their yearly revenue on printing costs. This percentage has dropped all the way down to 1% or less after the implementation of a well thought out MPS strategy. This is precisely why every organization should at least consider MPS. After all, who doesn't want to save upwards of 30 percent off of their total printing costs? MPS actually pays for itself across posterity.

The Advantages of Managed Print Services

Aside from saving your organization a considerable amount of money when it comes to paper, ink and other printing supplies, MPS has an array of other important benefits. MPS experts will thoroughly analyze your business's printing activity to determine inefficiencies and areas where seemingly small alterations can make a world of difference. The result is a marked improvement in your office's continuity, workflow and overall efficiency. Once a crew of MPS aficionados identifies areas for improvement, your staff will no longer have to waste critical time on printer-related tasks. Anyone who employs IT specialists will immediately recognize this as an extremely valuable benefit. MPS also has the potential to drastically reduce your office's environmental impact. Your “green” business will be all the more attractive to potential customers.

MPS is Basically Risk Free

One of the most underrated aspects of MPS is the fact that a team of dedicated print experts are at your service on a continuous basis. You can pick their brains at-will whenever have a question or concern. Add in the fact that your MPS team will provide a free print assessment and you can see why so many organizations are signing up. This free assessment will determine the savings that your specific office will enjoy as a result of implementing MPS solutions that are uniquely tailored to the individual nuances of your business.

MPS Benefits all Industries

If you own or manage a healthcare company, educational institution, financial institution,  law firm, manufacturing company or just about any other type of business, MPS can improve your bottom line. There is no doubt that printing costs chew up an unnecessarily large chunk of most healthcare companies' revenue streams. The average healthcare worker prints 1,300 pages per month. That's quite egregious. MPS will not only reduce this figure but enhance security, increase cost visibility, ensure HIPAA compliance and establish better expense predictability.

Those who own or manage a law firm should know that about 10 to 15 percent of revenue is spent on printing and imaging. Much of this printing is client-related but not actually billed. An effective MPS strategy can decrease your firm's paper use by nearly a third. Financial institutions tend to find it difficult to control printing and imaging expenses as well. Companies in the financial sector spend over 4 percent of revenue on printing. With an MPS program in place, every type of financial institution from a local bank to a multinational accounting firm can safeguard sensitive data while simultaneously cutting printing and imaging costs.

In the retail sector, printing costs are commonly overlooked. Yet all of those printed invoices, signs, training materials and packing slips add up to a considerable cost. MPS will provide your company with a heightened awareness of your printing costs and inefficiencies. It will then empower you to print in a cost effective manner that is streamlined for improved efficiency. For manufacturers, MPS will provide you with the expense control edge that will separate you from the pack. MPS programs can be individually tailored to your specific manufacturing industry to boost security, enhance efficiency and jive with your commitment to operating in a “green” manner.

MPS Provided by Governor Business Solutions

We are proud to offer fully customized managed print services to organizations that operate in all sorts of industries. Lean on our MPS experts to analyze your current printing and imaging activity and costs. We will identify inefficiencies, determine how to reduce your printing costs and operate in as “green” of a manner as possible. Contact us by phone, fax or e-mail for a free assessment today. You can also learn more about Managed Print Services by viewing the short video at the bottom of the page.

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