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What Everybody Ought To Know About Managed Print Services

Posted on Mon, Nov 4, 2013

managed_printIf your organization is anything like millions of others across the country, you may have put into practice efforts to "go green" by reducing the amount of information that's printed on a regular basis. But let's face it: Strides have been made, and technology has made these strides easier, but most businesses still rely on good old paper in order to operate at their peak.

What many people don't know, though, is that when it comes to the bottom line, in-house printing services generally cost a lot of money. That's because in so many cases printing is almost an afterthought; there's no game plan put in place in order to manage this most vital of tasks. Desktop printers are added as new employees come into the fold, the newest or most efficient model being purchased each time, until after several years a company could potentially have a lot of different makes and models of printer on their hands - along with a lot of different brands of toner cartridge and a lot of head scratching when one machine or another inevitably goes down for some reason.

Even the most efficient brand of printer can't fix this inefficient mess. That's where managed print services comes in. Managed print services cut to the heart of your company's most overlooked means of losing time and money which don't have to be lost. Consolidating your printing needs with the help of managed print services can solve a multitude of problems:

  • Reduced CostsMost organizations spend 1-3% of their annual revenue paying for printing services. That's right: Printers, parts and maintenance could slowly be draining the money from your business. You're also spending money when it comes to manpower, in hours spent maintaining machines, waiting for service technicians and downtime when a machine is out of service. 
  • Increased Efficiency - Various brands of printers throughout an office equals a varied stock of toner and other vital equipment. Imagine not having to keep track of the ins and outs of so many models of machinery. Imagine your employees learning one method of printing documents, not several which leave them trying to remember which methods work for which machines. Setting up standardized managed print services eliminates both guesswork and time wasted looking around the storage closet, trying to find the correct toner cartridge for a particular machine. On top of this, your machines will spend less time hanging in limbo, waiting for repair or supplies, since Managed Print Specialists uses software which monitors your equipment remotely.
  • Standardization and Consolidation of Equipment - Once all printing is done through standardized machines, factors listed above which contribute to high costs and low efficiency all but vanish.
  • Decreased Reliance on IT Teams - Sure, you'll always need your IT team. Now, thanks to managed print services, you'll no longer need to tie up these valuable team players because you printer is on the fritz - leaving them free to tackle bigger projects.

It's understandable that a company's management team wouldn't necessarily see the big picture of where their printing needs are conflicting with their larger goals. But this is just the sort of thing managed print specialists excels at. For over 30 years, Governor Business Solutions has been saving customers money, time and a lot of headaches by providing managed print services. We serve businesses throughout southeast Michigan and are an authorized dealer of many highly-respected brands such as Canon and Xerox.

Why not give us a call at 888-513-3593 to find out how implementing managed print services can help save your company up to 30% of your in-house printing costs?


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