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What does Managed Print mean to your business?

Posted on Mon, Feb 3, 2014


Put simply, managed print services is a blanket term that describes your company having more control over your printing. Printing can be costly for companies that do a lot of it, and that's why it is important to implement managed print services into your company policies and framework. There are a number of ways that you can accomplish this, but before getting into that, it is important to understand just what printing consists of, because there may be parts of the whole that you haven't even thought of yet.


What Exactly Does Printing Consist Of?

Printing is made up of many things. Some of these resources and costs you might not actually have attributed to printing, and that's why the first step in moving towards managed print services is understanding exactly what is involved in the process. Here are the things that are categorized into printing for most companies.

Materials that are needed to be printed quickly, offset printing. 

Shipping, mailing, mass distribution

The printers themselves (Desktop, multifunction printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines & other specialized machines for high volume printing)

The people that produce the documents for printing, as well as the software that it takes to create those documents

Service, maintenance and repair (Plus the IT services)

Finally, the paper, ink cartridges and other printing consumables


So, What Are Managed Print Services?

Although the definition of managed print services is simply put above, the definition does not suffice. Managed print services are simply too expansive for a simple definition. A company that provides these managed print services takes over the process completely in many cases, allowing you to concentrate on other parts of your business. A company that provides managed printing will provide many of the items in the bullet list above, and the best companies will provide most, if not all of them. Here are some of the advantages of choosing someone to manage your printing for you.

Managed printing company will manage your printing for you after doing a full analysis and an optimization. Your printing will be continuously monitored, so that if a change is needed, it can be implemented as quickly as possible without any interruption of service. 

Allows you to reduce the number of printing devices you need and create a cost-effective strategy for printing supplies and other items that are needed. 

Monitor and minimize your carbon footprint. (Not only does this allow your company to function as "green" as possible, it also reduces energy costs)

 We provide the maintenance, service and support that you previously needed (At a lower cost & more effective application) 

We train your employees, so they are completely up-to-date when switching to managed print 

Turn slow processes into much faster ones (with less paper & less time spent)

The bottom line is that managed printing is one of the best ways to change the way your company does printing for the better. Managed print allows you to reduce costs in several different areas of your budget, reduce time previously spent so that you have more non-printing work being done and takes the headache out of the entire printing process.

Managed Print can save your business time and money...
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