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The Top Three Most Cost Effective Color Printer

Posted on Wed, May 11, 2016

The best way to start looking for a new printer is to focus on the kinds of work you hope to do with it. Most people only require a general purpose model that supports text, graphics, and photos. However, multi-function printers that combine printing, copying, and faxing are gaining in popularity, even as wireless connectivity has become the norm. The result is a shift towards wireless inkjet multi-function models that combine the best of new technology. Here are three such printers that stand out among the competition for being some of the most cost effective color printer options available.

cost-effective-color-printerCanon Pixma MG5620

  • Canon printers are known for the high premium of their consumables or ink cartridges, and the Pixma MG5620 is no different. Even with Canon XL capacity cartridges, mixed text and grayscale cost 5 centers per page of black ink, while colored printing costs 3.5 cents per page. Yet, this wireless inkjet's slightly above average speed and inkjet photo printing quality raise it above the herd, especially given its budget-friendly price of 80 dollars or less. Its internal driver even works to ensure excellent output quality by cycling through different settings. The MG5620 is simple to set up and connect to a wireless network, with access to Canon Easy Photo Print app and other cloud-based services, including those from iOS, Android, and Windows RT. Still, it should only be used for light photo printing due to the limitations of Canon's ink cartridges, and it lacks a media card, auto-document feeder, or auto-duplexer.


cost-effective-color-printerEpson Expression Home XP-420

  • The XP-420 all-in-one inkjet printer is remarkable for its small form factor. At only 15 inches wide, 20 inches deep, and 11 inches tall, this small but powerful printer also delivers reliable performance for around 100 dollars. It is especially well-suited to medium to high-volume jobs with a high speed of 8.3 pages per minute for plain black text. Despite above-average output quality and stealthy operation, the refill costs for the XP-420’s four cartridges remain average, with color ink costs at 3.5 cents per page and black at 5 centers per page. This model also lacks an auto-document feeder, multiple input trays, or a USB input for flash drives. However, it does incorporate a full set of connectivity options, from cloud-printing through Google Cloud to Apple AirPrint, Epson Connect, and snapshots through Android phones and iPhones.


cost-effective-color-printerBrother MFC-J470DW

  • That MFC-J470DW stands out as the most cost effective color printer for its remarkable printing speed and quality at a relatively inexpensive price. On top of an initial cost of around $100, this model's ink costs are remarkably inexpensive compared to the competition. Through the use of XL capacity cartridges, the per page costs can be lowered to just 2.4 cents for color and 4.1 for black, with speeds of 3.93 pages per minute for color and 9.78 pages per minute for black. At the same time, this model delivers outstanding image quality and detail through the use of four separate ink tanks and software that cycles through different settings. The MFC-J470DW also incorporates business-friendly auto-document and auto-duplexer features, alongside a supportive software suite that enables cloud printing and scanning.


When looking for the most cost effective color printer, it's important to calculate the long-term costs of your investment. However, you should also recognize other needs - from connectivity to size, quality, speed, or other features.

Although the above printers are ideal for home offices or personal use, you can contact Governor Business Solutions for help in finding the right printer for your home, business, or home office needs. Our team of printer professionals will assess your current environment, make model suggestions based on your needs and help you meet those goals! Call Governor at 313-441-4600 today to get started 

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