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Top 6 Reasons Why You Want to Lease Your Office Equipment

Posted on Tue, Aug 13, 2013

What most small business owners don't always spend a lot of time thinking about, is their office equipment investments. This is because larger decisions take up their time and purchasing of office equipment tend to be considered, "wasting the owner's time." However, office equipment, such as printers, takes up a majority of the costs in your budget. If you aren't being careful with your printer investments, your office operating costs start to increase overtime.

Take in consideration, if you start saving on printing costs, you can eliminate up to 30% of your office operating costs! Saving 30% of your costs is well worth looking into. The first thing to think about is leasing your office printers. There are several reasons why leasing your printers are better for your business over buying. Most companies only lease their printers for several reasons. But besides saving your company money, here are the other main reasons why leasing printers can benefit your business...
  • No Money Down: Governor Business Solutions does not require down payments on any of our leased printers. This can be very relieving for some small businesses; this is because not every business has a high cash level set aside for a printer at any given time. See this feature as a careful consideration because depending if you decide to lease or buy, your down payment varies. Governor and every other printer provider require at least 10% down on each printer if a company decides to purchase a printer versus leasing.
  • Maintenance Agreements: Each of our leased printers is complimented with maintenance agreements. The maintenance agreements deal with repairs on the technical or hardware portion of the equipment. So if your printer starts acting funny, messing up your documents, or gives your warning signs on the dashboard, Governor comes out to fix it. Like all technology, printers don’t always work 100% of the time, so it’s very important to have a backup on your printers so they can be properly repaired in a timely manner. Having a maintenance agreement with your lease can also save you a lot of time in the long run, especially if you’re going with the wrong company! Most printer repair companies love to overcharge on service calls, our maintenance agreement will assure your printer is up and running at all times with no additional costs! 
  • Equipment Upgrades: Lease agreements allow you to upgrade obsolete machines into better, faster, beautiful, brand new printers. This option prevents businesses from being stuck with costly equipment that can no longer be used. Updated to newer printers will help prevent you from hefty maintenance costs. Printer repairs and printer parts replacements usually are with older models. With your new leased printer, you won’t have to worry about your printer getting older, because every couple years, you get to upgrade to a new one!
  • Fully Tax Deductable: What most companies love hearing about leasing printers is the tax deductible feature! What some people may not know is that if you lease office equipment for your business you can write off that lease as a tax deductible for the full amount.
  • No Capital Outlay: Another perk companies love about leasing printer, is that a lease doesn't have to count as a capital outlay. Meaning you can write off the printer as an expense every single month and your company doesn't have to depreciate the printer out. Which accountants LOVE to hear!


There's 5 very big reasons why leasing your office printer is much better than investing in printers in the long run. To me, as a business owner, I pick leasing printers over purchasing any day. That's because my workers and I love new office equipment, I love saving money and I love the fact that my printer will not break down like an old printer does. To convince you more why leasing is better overall, Governor Solutions is offering a printer promotion deal just for leased printers this month! Check out the printer deals here to see which printers are in this month's promotion. The promoted printers this month include the HP CM4540f Multi-Function Printer and the HP M4555f Multi-Function PrinterCall 1-888-513-3593 to speak with a specialized printer representative today.

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