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Do you have too many thermal barcode printers not being used?

Posted on Mon, Jul 14, 2014

Thermal barcode technology is one of the most useful business applications out there, but if you too many thermal barcode printers in your office, ones that you simply aren't using anymore, then it might be time to get rid of them. But there are some great ways to recycle your thermal barcoding machines and be able to save money on upgrading your printer fleet.
zebra thermal barcodes

Thermal barcode printers by Zebra technologies are terrific barcode printers featuring high quality images and amazing edge precision. However, if you have too many cluttering up your office that you aren't using, you are taking up space that could be used for something else, and you aren't taking advantage of one of the best recycle programs out there for barcoding printers. Governor Business Solutions - one of the top providers of printers, managed print services and cloud computing services, offers an amazing incentive program called the Zebra Trade-in Program and allows you to trade in outdated thermal barcode printers for newer printers that will take advantage of the latest technology available and make your business run more smoothly.

The program works very simply. You purchase an eligible new printer or printers from Governor Solutions and trade in your outdated thermal printer and get up to $500 back. This means that you get to save money on a new printer that has the latest technology as well as clear up space from the thermal barcoding printers that you don't use any more. If you have been thinking about upgrading, this is the perfect opportunity to do it with some incredible savings and from one of the best companies out there when it comes to printers and managed print services.

For a full list of eligible printers for the Zebra Thermal Barcode Trade in Program, CLICK HERE.

zebra thermal barcode trade in

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