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The Top 5 Cost Effective Eco Friendly Printers

Posted on Mon, Jul 11, 2016

It's 2016, 'eco-friendly' products are becoming more popular for consumers and businesses. If your business is thinking about making a change to more eco-friendly products, such as printers, copiers and fax machines, check out these top five most cost effective eco friendly printers. When it comes to eco friendly printers, many of the top money saving opportunities come after you purchase the new hardware. You can select how you print and how much ink is used. You also have the ability to print on both sides of paper, the kind of paper you use and even the kind of ink cartridge you utilize (some brands use only recycled plastic). Due to this, when purchasing the very best eco friendly printers for your particular needs, make sure to select a device that handles everything you need within your office setting. Chances are you can alter the way it prints to improve money and eco savings. Now, with that said, there are a few general printer options out there that help reduce money spent as well. These printers (as well as slight model variations) can be found at Government Solutions, so make sure to check out these different printer models and go with what works best for your individualized needs.

Brother HL-L5200DW

This is a monochrome printer. If you're looking for a color printer, this is not the way to go. However, avoiding color prints is the best way to not only save on print costs but to reduce your carbon footprint as well. This laser based monochrome printer doesn't require all the additional color cartridges and plastic that comes along with it. It is also a printer only device, so it doesn't offer any other all-in-one features. This cuts down on the energy it uses as it doesn't need to power scanning, copying or other features. There is no LCD preview screen, which reduces energy consumption so it really is a bare bones printer. With that said, when it comes to eco friendly printers, it is difficult to beat this option. If all you need is a black and white printer without any frills, the Brother HL line is the way to go.

HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M443dn

Laser printers typically are a bit more eco friendly than ink jet printers. There is less waste than inkjet as you do not burn through cartridges as much. This is a one-pass color printer, so if you want color you do have the option. It features a four tone color spectrum for quality prints. It also is a printer-only device, so it doesn't run on as much electricity as the all-in-one devices. One thing to keep in mind is most printer only setups produce more prints per minute.

Canon imageClass MF227DW

Here is another monochrome laser printer. However, there are a few added features if you want more features while still going eco friendly. It is an all-in-one setup, so you can scan and copy with the hardware. While the copying is still in black and white, if you are in need of this kind of device you won't need to go out and purchase multiple products to cover your needs. There is no LCD display screen so you will need to perform most selections from your connected computer on the network.

Brother MFC-J985DW

When you need a color, all-in-one printer that still doesn't go over the top with energy consumption, this inject printer works well. It does have four color cartridges, so keep this in mind, and it also has a color LCD, but it requires very little energy to run.

Canon imageClass LBP151DW

Black and white is the way to go when trying for eco friendly. This laser, monochrome printer is small in stature, requires very little in terms of energy and is a nice office printer when you just need quick gray-scale prints.

For more information or advice to find the perfect cost effective eco friendly printers for your business, contact the printer specialists, Governor Business Solutions at 313-441-4600 today. We will come out to your business and tell you all about our line of printers to help your business become more eco-friendly, yet stay within your budget! 

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