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The Top 10 Benefits of Using HP Flow CM Professional

Posted on Mon, Jan 13, 2014

Do you sometimes feel as if you have your head in the clouds when it comes time to finding that critical document that you have to have for that next meeting?  As you well know, knowledge is power, but if that knowledge can’t be accessed when you need it that might as well not even exist.  That being said, perhaps keeping all of your sales forecasts in a shoebox under your desk is not the most efficient way of storing documents for easier retrieval.  Happily, with Governor Business Solutions HP Flow CM Professional system, you can pull your head out of the clouds and store your documents there instead.  Here are the Top 10 reasons why you should transition your critical documents to a management system that you can manage.

Top 10 Benefits of Using HP Flow CM Professional

  • Secure Storage. Safely store documents in cloud-based system, which allows easy access with your password. Simply, sneaky co-workers will not be able access your printed documents.
  • Capture Critical Documents. Governor Business Solutions HP Flow CM Professional system makes uploading files from your desk or mobile device easy. Our system allows for automatic search of documents, and is fully backed up by multi-vendor support.
  • Manage Critical Documents. Managing the work flow means managing the document flow, and HP Flow CM Professional allows you to do that seamlessly. The system allows users to share folders, unlock storage, and publish links. Also providing you with file and folder alerts, as well as full audit trails, HP secure access flow, and simple workflows.
  • Secure Storage from IT Industry Leader. System supports thousands of formats, and is stored in multiple secure physical locations. Additionally, allows for sync folders, document indexing, and the use of Autonomy’s IDOL search engine.
  • Preserve Document Integrity. With multiple secured locations, your data is safeguarded against the ravages of Mother Nature. Don’t let fire, water, mold, or vermin attach and destroy your critical infrastructure when your data is safely deposited on HP Flow CM Professional system.
  • Deliver and Share Data 24/7. Experience the ease in which you can share, publish, and retrieve files anywhere and anytime. With Mobile device applications available, you can easily take your show on the road.  Most importantly, nobody on your team will lose a minute of productivity due to not having the necessary documentation.
  • Efficiently Manage Workflow. HP Flow CM Professional system helps you streamline your document flow, which in turn leads to less down time because you won’t be constantly searching for the documents that you need. Tracking and alert tools put you on top of your paperwork trail.
  • Benefits Outside Workforce. Your sales staff need not any longer be chained to the desk if they need to access critical documentation. The cloud-based approach to document storage means that files can be accessed 24/7 using an iOS application. For those employees who travel or work from home, they can never "leave a document behind."
  • Saves Money. With HP Flow CM Professional system, your company can effectively manage content without the expense of additional software, hardware, or costly IT infrastructure. The system supports customizable add-ons, so you can get all the features you want and need without having to pay for those features you have no use for.
  • Boost Employee Morale. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to complete your tasks due to missing data. HP Flow CM Professional removes that frustration by streamlining your document collection and making it readily available. Your employees are your most important resource and they'll be happier being able to access documents anywhere, at anytime.

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