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The Best Way To Get your HP Printer Repaired

Posted on Mon, Jun 1, 2015

Most computer aficionados are quick to praise Hewlett-Packard (HP) printers as some of the best around. HP printers are ideal for both businesses and consumers. Yet even the highest quality printer will eventually malfunction. If you're having problems with your Hewlett-Packard printer, consider these simple steps so your HP Printer can be in great shape again:HP-OfficeJet-Promo

HP Printer Repair Solutions

Some HP printer problems can be solved with some quick troubleshooting efforts at home. There is a free software tool called the HP Print and Scan Doctor that will help you solve many printing and scanning problems. The tool works on operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 8.1. It does not function on Macs at this point. The program examines your computer and printer for all sorts of issues. It has completely replaced the four distinct utilities that HP previously relied on to diagnose printer malfunctions. It checks your printer's connectivity to ensure that the printer is properly connected. It performs a driver check to verify that the driver is not missing or corrupt. It checks for problems in the device manager, clears the print queue if jobs are stuck and checks the printer's port settings to ensure that there are no conflicts. It also checks the device status to ensure that printer errors like feed problems, paper jams and a lack of ink are not occurring.

HP Printer Repair: Networks

If your computer is experiencing communication errors, use the HP Print and Scan Doctor's Network menu to view advanced information about your network. You can disable a firewall from here as well. If your printer appears in the list, click “Next” and set your HP printer as the default printer. Click “Fix Printing” or “Fix Scanning”, depending on your unique problem. The program will analyze your printer and system to determine what is causing the malfunction. Once it identifies problems, it will list them and provide assistance to resolve them. If your printing issues are not resolved at this point, use the program's “last resort” function to troubleshoot things like firewalls and/or uninstall and re-install your HP printer software.

HP Printer Repairs Done by Hand

The HP Print and Scan Doctor tool won't help you with plenty of mechanical problems like paper jams. Your HP printer has rubber rollers that feed paper into the machine from the paper tray. These eventually wear and become dirty, which results in paper jams. You can clean the rollers by yourself to rejuvenate them for a short period of time. Yet a proper HP printer repair performed by a Governor Business Solutions printer repair specialist will eventually be necessary.

If you decide to attempt a DIY repair job, shine your flashlight into the paper feed space to see if there is an obstruction like torn paper that blocks the path. If there are no obstructions, proceed to clean the rollers with WD-40 and a strong cotton towel that will not rip apart in the machine. However, it is easy to damage the printer's clutch mechanism when attempting a DIY roller rejuvenation job. When in doubt, rely on the printer repair experts at Governor Business Solutions.

HP Printer Repair by Governor Business Solutions

While the HP Print and Scan Doctor is helpful, it cannot solve every malfunction. Sometimes the tool is incapable of finding your printer even though it is connected through USB, a wireless connection or ethernet. If you can't get the printer online, the HP Print and Scan Doctor will be absolutely useless. Sometimes, the program's “last resort” options fail to identify exactly what is wrong with your HP printer. This is when you should turn to the HP printer repair experts at Governor Business Solutions for professional assistance.

We have performed all sorts of HP printer repairs throughout the last 35 years. Our HP printer repair technicians offer Managed Print Service, Document Management and Document Software Solutions. We are a certified business partner of Hewlett-Packard as well as numerous other printer manufacturers. We have an extremely efficient online portal service that eliminates time spent on the phone and ameliorates the printer repair process in all facets. It really was designed with the customer in mind.When you use our online service portal, you will receive real time e-mail updates regarding the status of your printer repair. You can access a service history timeline and you will have 24/7 access to your device. You will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly where your printer stands in terms of the repair process. You will even be able to access past service calls as well.

Contact Governor Business Solutions Today for Your HP Printer Repair

If you are experiencing problems with your HP printer, do not hesitate to contact our printer service department. We will send a technician out as soon as possible. You can reach us by phone at 313-441-4600 or visit our website at 

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  1. Kathy Sheffield says:

    I had a paper jam on my 8600+. I open both the front and back of the machine to get the paper out. Once I got it out, I found 4 white “tab” like things (Plastic) that look like they broke off of something. Ever since, my scans and printing have fine black lines down the page. Any suggestions? I live on the island of Kauai, and service is very limited.

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