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The Advantages of SMART boards in the classroom

Posted on Mon, Mar 3, 2014

SMART boards put simply, are a sophisticated replacement of the traditional overhead projector. Over the years, this cutting-edge technology has proved popular for students of all ages. The interactive board turns a typical classroom into a fun learning environment. It enriches classrooms in several ways by providing hands on collaboration and creating the perfect learning setting.

There are several advantages of bringing in a SMART interactive whiteboard into a classroom setting. Here are the top 8 advantages of this state-of-the-art technology in the education industry.

The Top 8 Reasons why SMART Boards are an essential component in the modern day classroom:

interactive_education_board1. Provides Flexibility: Interactive whiteboards allow many different forms of media – including photos, illustrations, maps, graphs, games, and video, to be displayed. These tools not only enrich the classroom experience but also help to expand the nature of content that can be used in learning. In addition, SMART Boards makes learning to be more dynamic owing to the different forms of presenting information.

2. Enhanced teaching/learning experience: SMART Boards provide new ways for teachers to teach, and student to learn. These tools support a wide variety of learning styles. For instance, visual learners can watch as their tutors use the whiteboards to project visual elements, whereas audio learners can listen and have discussions. On the other hand, the Boards come with touchscreen capabilities that allow tactile learners to touch and interact with the board.Smart_boards

3. Interact and share: The interactive nature of SMART boards offers learners an opportunity to share and participate in the instructional process. Interactivity provides a platform for students to demonstrate their grasp of the subject through touching, drawing, and writing. Every learner has an opportunity to participate or contribute to the presentation and/or discussion via notebooks and tablets. In addition, the boards provide for rapid assessment whereby learners can receive immediate feedback. Teachers and students are able to identify individual strengths and weaknesses in various subject areas and isolate areas/topics that need more focus or review.

4. Low-Maintenance: SMART Boards are neat and easy to use. There are no hassles cleaning or maintaining whiteboards. The data on the screen can be modified using a specialized highlighting tool or pen. There is no need for using unhygienic chalk or marker pens.

5. Access to online information & tools: SMART boards allow learners to easily access a rich database of online resources. Teachers can use the wide variety of online information sources such as knowledge databases, online video and news items to reinforce their lessons. Learners can also quickly access the wide range of powerful tools and resources to conduct research and supplement their usual study material.

6. Going Green: Interactive boards are also environmentally friendly. They offer teachers an entirely different way of presenting information to students, which eliminates the need for writing, printing or photocopying. Which, contribute to eliminate waste and pollution, from over-utilization of paper and ink.

7. Technology Integration: SMART boards allows for integration of various technologies in order to improve the learning experience. For instance, it is possible to attach tools such as microscopes, document cameras, cameras or video cameras to a whiteboard to aid in instruction. It is also possible to integrate the interactive learning tools with a wide range of software applications.

8. Communication: Interactive whiteboards allow for connectivity in different locations; making ideal collaboration and distance learning environments. When using SMART boards, student show to increase student-to-student collaboration and increase overall participation in the lesson.

Overall, incorporating SMART Boards to the classroom environment is likely to change the way teachers impart knowledge to students and at the same time simplify the learning process for students. Students will find it easy to engage with lessons and gain a better understanding of the overall lesson. It is an ideal tool for any classroom setting. The education field needs technology like this for students, learners, and educators to continue to grow in their field. For more information on SMART boards, talk to a SMART board reseller or call 313-441-4610. 

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  1. Lucy Gray says:

    I agree with you, smart board are very flexible to enhance techer’s learning, to engage the students towards there study and many more. They save a lot of time of the teacher and students.

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