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The Advantages of Managed Print Services

Posted on Mon, Nov 2, 2015

mobile-printingIf your business is anything like many other small businesses, you may not have had a lot of thought into the printing burden that your company faces. Because printing tends to happen in the background, it is easy to assume that it is inexpensive and simple to handle. This assumption could be costing your company more than printing should. An emerging trend is catching on in small, medium and large sized businesses to reduce printing costs, called Managed Print Services (MPS). Here are some of the benefits of MPS:

Cost Savings

Printing costs can sometimes get overlooked, and some companies may not realize, but 1-3% of your total annual revenue is expended on document generation. A cost like this adds up fast! By utilizing Managed Print Services, companies can save up to 30% when generating documents. You can estimate the savings your specific business would see by completing a free print assessment, where a plan will be made that fits your specific business' needs and a cost estimate will be generated.

Increase Workplace Efficiency

Have you or one of your staff ever had an argument with the workplace printer? A document is needed, the printer ideally should generate it, but it just isn't working right. How much valuable payroll time has been spent dealing with finicky printers? Your workplace efficiency can increase drastically through utilizing a Managed Print Service. Leaving all the document generating work to the Print Service, you free your staff to get on with their actual work duties.

Eliminate Printer Maintenance Costs

Printers can be expensive to maintain. Even when they are working properly most of the time, the company still carries the burden of replacement toner cartridges, transfer kits, paper, and regular maintenance. These costs add up fast, no matter what size of a business you are. When managing your printing costs with Managed Print Services, these and many other services and supplies are included at no additional cost.

Green BillingGoing "Green"

Being "green" is the in thing. Many customers look to frequent businesses specifically who are as "green" as possible in their operation. When your company chooses to use Managed Print Services you will reduce your total environmental impact. This, in turn, is not only good for the environment, it is also a desirable trait in a company for the current customer base.

Optimize Printing Environment

By utilizing a Managed Print Service, you will be able to optimize your business' printing environment, as well as developing continuity in your printed materials. When the Managed Print Service takes the burden of printing documents for your company, your employees will only need to print immediately needed forms, paperwork, or anything else that an original, unique copy is necessary in the moment. This will allow your employees to spend less time printing and more time doing essential tasks.

Utilizing a Managed Print Service has advantages in almost every business sector. From law offices to healthcare offices, from financial institutions to shipping companies, small businesses of all types have found benefits when using a Managed Print Service.

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