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Steps to set up a Wireless printer in your office

Posted on Mon, Aug 31, 2015

While connected a wired printer is fairly easy – most are plug and play – getting a wireless printer to be recognized by the network is a little more problematic. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you easily connect your wireless printer:

Set Up the Printer – Getting the printer ready to operate is step one. Obviously, you will need to unpack it and remove any materials designed to safeguard it through transit. Otherwise, they may interfere with the proper operation of the unit. Next plug it in and power it up. Almost every printer will then go through a self-diagnostic test and tell you if there are any other issues that need to be dealt with such as adding paper or toner. One last thing  ensure that you install the printer on a flat and level. It is amazing how much this will affect the reliability and efficiency of your machine.

Get Your Devices Ready – With the printer ready, it is time to get the devices on the other side of the connection ready. This is actually a whole lot easier than it sounds since they are already connected to the network. With “plug and play” printers, most of the drivers for the printer – that's the software – will self-install. On rare occasions – especially with very high-end or specialty printers – the owner will have to install dedicated drivers on any devices he intends to use for printing. Even this extra step is a relatively simple step as the software is designed to walk you through the steps.

Establish the Connection – Next, it is time to get you various devices “talking” to each other by establishing a connection from the printer to the network. Start by opening any document in your favorite word processing program. Then, press the print control button to bring up the print dialog box. The print dialog box will then ask you which printer you would like to use. Indicate the new one and press “PRINT.” Your printer should send the document to the new printer and you are all set. One last thing – at this point, your new printer will be the default device and all prints from that particular device will be sent to it.

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One Response to “Steps to set up a Wireless printer in your office”

  1. Sam Fisher says:

    If you are going to be using a wireless printer, do be sure that you install the software on all of the devices that will need the printer. You wouldn’t want to leave one person out of the printing loop. The cool thing about printers is that there are many different kinds, each with their benefits and drawbacks. Do be sure that you get the right printer for your office. You don’t want the super duper fast one if you have an office of ten people.

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