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Document Solutions


Governor Business Solutions offers document solutions to help you improve your business’s organization and collaboration needs.


Nuance eCopy ShareScan Means Business!

eCopy ShareScan’s copiers and MFPs allows your staff to capture physical documents fast, easy and securely. You turn paper documents into more manageable electronic workflows.

The information captured from the document will be accessible with the World’s Most Accurate OCR Engine. You can load documents and connect directly to your business application. Your business can even automate paper-intensive workflows. This means you will save loads of time and money, your documents can be accessible almost everywhere and it’s eco-friendly!

For more information about eCopy PDF Pro, visit the eCopy PDF Pro Page or give us a call at (800) 333-2600.


Monitor and Manage Your Printing with PaperCut!

PaperCut will automatically monitor and manage your organization’s printing and copying.  Get ready to gain control over your business’s printing costs and environmental impact!  PaperCut will help your business control costs, report and recover costs, establish secure access, and much more.

Visit the PaperCut Page today for more information!


Get Organized with Lexmark’s AccuRead Automate

With AccuRead Automate, you will be able to classify and route documents, extract data, create smart file names, and more!  The result is a simpler and easier capture process for users, that requires little training.  This is the only such technology that will run right on your Lexmark MFP, which means you save the cost and management of having an additional server.

AccuRead Automate will expedite your business processes, minimize processing costs, and even eliminate manual data entry errors.  

Get more information on one of the latest document solutions on the Lexmark AccuRead Automate Page.