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Managed Print Services will save your business money


Managed Print Services


Major Benefits:

Increase Output with Lower Cost

Most businesses dramatically underestimate their total print needs and costs or do not have measurable cost controls in place. On average, organizations will spend 1-3% of their total annual revenue generating documents.

“Companies who have implemented Managed Print Services, achieve
savings up to 30% off their printing costs”


This is accomplished by implementing a total print management strategy that focuses on reducing your printing costs while increasing your overall productivity. Governor Business Solutions, a HP Managed Print Advanced Specialist, can save your company money too!

  • Reduce your Laser Printing Costs
  • Reduce Environmental Impact
  • Freeing IT Resources
  • Improve Business Continuity
  • Enhance Security
  • Services & Supplies for your entire Printer Fleet


How does Managed Print work?

STEP 1: Standardize

In a mixed environment of old and new printing devices, the management of each of each device can vary and can be difficult to manage. By standardizing device platforms, management of your printing equipment is easy. Your end users will not need to operate multiple hardware types and can focus on more important things, like their day-to-day tasks.


Save up to 30% on total in-house printing costs

STEP 2: Consolidate

Although, employees like the personal convenience of desktop printers, oftentimes that personal convenience comes with a very high cost per page. Small personal printers can cost as much as four or five times that of departmental printing devices. By reducing the number of personal desktop printers, you will:

  • Eliminate the need to manage several devices
  • Gain significant cost savings in toners, parts and maintenance costs
  • Reduce the printing volume


STEP 3: Reduce the Down Time

Our sophisticated suite of software monitors and alerts us any time a networked device is in need of supplies or service. Our trained and certified Service Technicians will maintain and repair your devices when needed. This ensures:

  • High availability & minimum downtime for your network devices
  • Employees having the right printing device available
  • Reduce your overall printing costs


Determine the current status of your organization with a Free Managed Print Service Assessment.

We’ll present you with our estimated amount of savings by implementing Managed Print Services in your office. We will also provide a free custom solution that’s attainable and that benefits your entire organization.


Choose your industry for your Managed Print Industry Video:



The average healthcare
building spends 6.35% on
Office & Production Printing



The average School District
spends 6.2% of their Annual
Budget on Document Output


The average finance
company spends 4.3% on
Imaging & Printing every year


The average Law firm
spends 12.5% of their Annual
Revenue on Imaging & Printing


The average Manufacturer
spends 1.15% of Gross Revenue
on Printing & Production Costs





The average Retail company
spends 4.8% of their Annual
Revenue on Imaging & Printing


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