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Audio and Visual Solutions

Governor Business Solutions offers a full line of Audio & Visual products and services for any business environment

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The most popular audio & visual products offered:

Projectors & Lamps

Projectors come in a wide range of light outputs, which are measured in ANSI lumens. The higher the lumen rating the projector has, the brighter the projector is. But before purchasing your projector consider the amount of people that will be in the room, how much light is in the room, what screen you have available and what you may be applying it for. This is help you decide which projector is right for you.


A projection screen is a blank canvas that is used with a digital projector to display the image. All screens come in different sizes, materials, formats and have different uses.


Interactive Whiteboards

There are several different interactive whiteboards used in almost any working environment and industry. Some whiteboards include: sympodiums, plasma overlays, meeting software and training-room solutions. SMART Technology is the most popular whiteboard technology.


Projector/Plasma/LCD Mounts

If you’re refurnishing a conference room, a home theater, or an auditorium, Governor offers a projector mounting solution for your specific room and angle requirements. With adjustable height, tilt, and rotation technology, it’s an easy-access, swing-out solution.


Equipment Racks/Storage

Racks and Enclosures form the primary structure of an installation, and provide the “frame” to support electronic equipment, power, cooling, and cable management. Choosing the right equipment enclosure will deliver better results as well as saving you time and trouble.


Audio/Visual, PC Switching & Interfaces

The existence of many different audio and video standards define the physical characteristics of the connections between electrical equipment. This includes the types and numbers of wires required along with the strength and frequency of the signal. It also includes the physical design of the plugs and sockets.


Audio/Video Conferencing

Stay connected & productive with an enterprise-grade audio conference or HD voice conference with audio and video conferencing solutions.


Audio Equipment

Our list of audio equipment includes microphonesradio receiversAV receiversCD playerstape recordersamplifiersmixing consoleseffects units, and loudspeakers.


Plasma/LED Displays

The latest LED-LCD and plasma TVs deliver outstanding picture quality, and both display technologies get a little better every year. Each type has a different set of strengths that make it more suitable for certain viewing situations. Ask our Audio/Visual professional for advice.


Wireless (802.11b, g) Networking

Many companies use wireless networking (WiFi or 802.11 networking) to connect their computers at home or around the office. Many workers find Wireless networking to help them be more productive while on the roads and in other offices. Ask us about our different network options.


Wireless Keyboard/Mouse

We offer a great variety of Wireless Keyboard & Mouse technology for the everyday office environment to make each day run smoothly. Don’t forget to ask us about our Keyboard and Mouse combos!


Conference Room Furniture

Refurnishing your office or board room? Check out our selection of Conference Room Tables, desks, chairs and more.


Other Services

On top of what we offer, we provide services such as: Office Designs, Installation Services and On-Site Maintenance.