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Should you lease your Large Format Printers?

Posted on Mon, May 22, 2017

Image result for buy or leaseA large format printer is an excellent investment for the office. It makes it possible to produce posters, in store advertisements and other displays you'd normally have to purchase through a local printing company. Large format printers are also an added expense to the bottom line of your business. It is a one time expense that may prove to be too costly, despite the potential investment. Instead, you may want to lease your large format printers. You just need to decide which option is best for you.

Future Proof Large Format Investment

If you lease your large format printers you future proof your equipment without continually replacing the device. If your business takes advantage of the latest forms of technology in order to boost productivity, when you lease your large format printers you can quickly and effortlessly upgrade to a new printer. This way, if you see a new printer with a faster print speed or better DPI, you have the ability to do this. When purchasing a large format printer, you likely will hold onto the initial printer for a longer period of time. If you are not interested in staying on top of the latest tech features you may want to turn to purchasing the printer (financing is available). If the latest and greatest is important to your business, turn to the leasing option.

Reduced Costs

Depending on the large format printer you purchase, you may spend several thousand dollars at once. When it comes to leasing, you pay a fraction of this monthly. Leasing a large format printer has the potential of reducing costs in the short term. It also makes it possible for you to test out a given model. Doing so allows you to determine if the particular model is the right fit for your office or if you even need a large format printer.

Image result for large format printersMoving is Easier

As your business grows you may want to invest in a larger space to operate in. Moving larger format printers can prove difficult, yet if you own the large format printer, your only real option is to move the printer yourself (or pay a service to do it for you). When you lease a printer, you can have the printer picked up so you don't need to worry about it. After you have moved to the new location you can begin the lease again with a new printer. Moving without large amounts of technology is easier, reduces the time it takes to move and cuts down on potential equipment damage.

When it comes to owning your own large format printer you do have a few payment options. You can purchase the printer in one purchase or finance the printer over time. You also have the ability to lease the printer. While you do not own a lease, it gives you more flexibility with upgrading, costs and moving. There is no right answer regarding how you pay for your printer, but there are many benefits available when you lease your large format printer.

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