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Have the Urge to Destroy your printer like ‘Office Space’? You may need service on your printer.

Posted on Mon, Aug 4, 2014

Watch the Office Space Video here

service-on-your-printerDo you ever want to do what the guys in the movie 'Office Space' did about your printers? When a printer malfunctions it is easy to see how you might want to take a baseball bat and reduce one to pieces, somewhere out in a field, with circuit boards, wires, diodes and components split apart and lying dead on the ground. But before you take this potentially soothing but drastic step, consider having service on your printer done by Governor Business Solutions instead.

Why Printers Cause So Much Frustration

The only thing that causes more frustration than computer peripherals are the computers that they are hooked up to, and most people get frustrated more often than they would like with both. The reason that printers are so frustrating is that they are complex machines that don't always tell you how to do service on your printer. That means that when something goes wrong, you are left pushing buttons and pressing your hand to your temple to prevent a migraine from coming on. That's when you need to call in the experts.

Print Management Services

Governor Business Solutions doesn't just repair your malfunctioning printers, they offer managed print services. That means that the entire scope of needs that your printer has - maintenance, paper, toner and other items - is already taken care of. You won't need service on your printer nearly as often and cost you valuable time by being offline, because maintenance will already have been done. You also won't have to worry about running out of supplies at a critical time, no matter what kind of paper or toner you need - because a managed print services company will be able to anticipate your needs and provide for them - even if your needs vary at different times of the month or year.

However, there are quite a few other benefits to managed print services. One of the best ones is that you begin your service with a full ranged assessment of your printing capabilities and needs. Problems are addressed and solved, and a game plan will be created to make sure that your printer fleet is not only running smoothly, but that you are spending the minimum amount possible and getting the most for your money. The average savings when switching to managed print services for most companies is right around 30%. Depending upon how much you already spend, that can be a huge number.

You also have the benefit of consolidating your printers so that your fleet can be "rightsized" or scaled to fit your needs precisely without wasted resources and costs that you don't need. When you have various pieces of hardware scattered throughout the office, it can make networking and shared usage more difficult. You also usually end up with more devices than you need. A managed print services company will be able to equip your office with exactly what it needs, and because you are consolidating hardware, you will save long term on supplies and maintenance.

Printer Repair on All Major Brands

Governor Business Solutions is able to perform service on your printer no matter what major brand it is. Whatever is wrong with your printer - expect to have a professional be able to identify the problem, fix it quickly, and get your business back up and running in no time. So, when you feel like hitting your printer with a baseball bat, or stomping it into tiny little printer bits under your shoe, do what the guys from 'Office Space' never thought of - call Governor Business Solutions and get your printer back up and running fast. Governor offers same day or next day service so schedule a service today and don't let your printer frustrate you any longer.

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  1. Delores Lyon says:

    Thanks for sharing this advice on getting managed printer services for your business! I think it is really nice that your services ensure that there are no printer problems no matter what. In fact, this may be something my business needs to increase its efficiency. We end up printing a lot of different forms everyday, so it would be nice to have the printer checked on frequently. If our printer broke down, it would cause a lot of problems!

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