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Steps to Secure Documents in the Workplace

Posted on Mon, Dec 22, 2014

Every day it seems as if there is another news story about leaked information. Data is more precious than ever and we need to take more steps to ensure its security in the workplace. Whatever information that you have stored in your digital or paper files, you want it to be safe from those who aren't authorized to view it, and there are a couple of things that can prevent data loss from your secure documents in the workplace.

Prevention is the Best Medicine for Secure Documents

Almost every business keeps paper documents as well as digital ones, and in the majority of those businesses, there is no real security to protect them. While digital documents have safeguards like firewalls and encryption protocols, paper documents stored in file cabinets can be accessed easily and documents that are discarded are often not shredded, or shredded properly. Here are some steps that you can take as a leader in your organization to improve the security of your information before it is stolen and secure documents and data.

Create Document Protection Policies

You must create and maintain document protection policies that keeps secure documents and then work to make sure that those policies are not only followed, but also maintained and updated when they need to be. Here are some key policy points to implement for prevention of data loss that you can implement.

  • Give regular information to employees to help them identify documents that are sensitive and are at risk for a breach of security. Documents like customer information, employee information, financial information from the company, marketing and sales information that you want to keep private and any documents that are in the "pre" stage, meaning that they aren't yet to be released to the public.
  • Make sure that if you store paper documents that they are in a location where they can't be seen, and that they are locked or behind locked doors at night.
  • Don't leave documents in copiers and walk away from them. Make sure that you avoid leaving documents in shared spaces, like conference rooms.
  • Don't use Social Security numbers in employee identification, especially employee badges or passes that can be lost or stolen. Even using part of a social security number could lead to a data breach.

print-securityIf you want to know more about keeping your information safe in the workplace then download the free Ebook "Steps to Keep Documents Secure in the Workplace" and find out six steps that you'll want to take in order to maximize your company's security and prevent a loss of data from every happening.

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