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How to Save Cash, Ink, and Paper by Printing More Efficiently

Posted on Thu, Apr 24, 2014

money_inkPrinting can become a major expense inside of your office, even if you are not regularly printing material. Every time you print something, you essentially are paying for every single element of the print. From the ink you use to the paper consumed during the print, it is rather amazing how quickly you can see your money disappear inside of your printing needs. However, there are some methods available to you for saving money on your printing, regardless of what you need to print or how often your business prints material. Here's a couple resources you can start saving with Managed Print Services:

Ink - When implementing Managed Print Services in your business, your MPS provider, Governor Business Solutions will provide the lowest priced ink but still provide you with the best name brand, quality ink you're looking for. When your printers, copiers, fax machines, etc run low of ink, we automatically ship you more, so you don't have wasted down time.

Paper - Of course, you need to print on paper, so there really is no way around it. However, with our advance printer settings, we can program your devices to behave in a way that will reduce the amount of printing. With features such as: double-sided both_sidesprinting, multiple pages per sheet, ecopy and cloud services. On the print devices, we can also show you how to change the paper settings to provide you with that high-quality presentation materials.

Method of Printing - In order to follow a more efficient printing method, there are a few general adjustments you can perform on the computer system itself. For internal office memos and other documents that stay inside of the company, there really is no reason to print the content in the highest quality print available to you. Instead, if you go into the print settings of your word processor or other software, you can switch the print functions to a "draft" format. This significantly reduces the amount of ink the printer uses, not to mention it increases the speed of the printer. This way, you use less ink during the print, stretching the ink cartridge out, allowing you to print more documents with the same ink cartridge.

If not everyone in your company needs a color printer, switching over to black & white printers can save you dramatically amounts of money. Color ink is far more expensive than black ink, so we'll come up with a strategic plan to place the right types of printers in the right locations in your office. Savings from managed print services can help you see exactly how far these minor print adjustments can go in your business.

Are you interested in finding out how much money and supplies you can save? We'll be glad to tell you! Give us a call today at 313-441-4610 or visit us online and we'll do a free MPS consultation. 


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