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How to save 30% off your printing costs with just these simple switches

Posted on Mon, Aug 15, 2016

Printing in the office is one of those tasks you do throughout the work week. It might cost a few dollars here and there, so you don't think much about it. However, at the end of the year, come tax season while your add everything up, you may find your printing costs are hundreds, if not thousands of dollars more than you ever expected. Due to this, if you found out you could reduce the overall printing expenses. To be exact, you can reduce your printing costs by around 30 percent without making substantial changes to how you print! There are some easy steps you need to follow in order to save a large portion of your printing budget.

Unnecessary Printing

Did you know about 20 percent of all pages you print end up directly in the recycling bin (or trash)? It's true, almost half of the pages you print are done so unnecessarily and around 20 percent of these prints are never used at all. There are all sorts of reasons why this might be. Perhaps you print the wrong draft or document all together. Maybe there is a duplicate page, or you print something off the Internet and a single page comes out with just the Web URL on the top of the page. There are all sorts of different reasons as to why this takes place, but regardless of the reason, it costs you paper, ink and electricity.

Short Life Span

When you print something out, how long does the document actually last? You're probably not all that shocked to discover a printed piece of paper has a life expectancy of around five minutes before ending up in recycling. This leads to far too much waste. By taking advantage of the five steps, you'll learn how to cut down on this waste and how to make sure you only print out what is necessary while avoiding what you do not need.


Most businesses track nearly everything they produce. From restaurants staying on top of their produce to manufacturers knowing how much material they use, just about everything is tracked. Outside of paper and printing. Most companies have no idea how much they print. This is an issue and something you need to correct as it will help you save money.

Use a Managed Print Service Provider

Managed Print Service printers, such as Governor Business Solutions can help save your company up to 30% by simply reducing the number of printers you have on hand, consolidating the printer repairs into a maintenance agreement, and purchase printer supplies at a lower rate. For more information on Managed Print Services, click here

By reaching out to Governor Business Solutions at 313-441-4600, we'll show you other ways your company can cut printing costs by 30%! Click here to download the free eBook on saving more money off your printing expenses


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