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Looking for someone that will repair your barcode label printer?

Posted on Mon, Apr 27, 2015

Chances are, if you own a barcode label printer you use it rather frequently. Whether you print individual labels for products you sell throughout the store or it is designed for shipping purposes and for easy scanning before shipment, a barcode label printer is a life and time savor inside of your business. Due to this, should the barcode label printer fail to work properly it can bring your business to a screeching halt. Maybe you are forced to handwrite all of your shipping labels, which just doesn't look very professional, and even using your standard inkjet printer is burning through valuable printer ink. Regardless of what you need to do while the barcode label printer is down, you probably do not want to do it for long. That is exactly why you need to bring in your barcode label printer to Governor Business Solutions and have the professionals inspect the label printer and restore it back to its original functionality.

General Troubleshooting

You may have some of your own troubleshooting tricks up your sleeve, but it may be a good idea to try some of the tips to troubleshoot from the professionals first. After all, if it is a minor inconvenience that you can correct on your own in a few minutes time, better to do that than to bring in your printer, only to find it is something you could have done on your own.

First, one of the most common problems is a paper jam inside the label printer. Pop open the hood of the printer and check to see if there is any bunched up paper on the roll. While the roll is designed to be continuous and prevent paper jams, if the previous barcode is not cut and torn properly from the roll, it is possible some of the roll can become stuck inside the hood of the printer, preventing it from sliding through.

If a paper jam is not the issue, look at the printer and check to make sure all the cables are properly connected to both the printer and the computer.

Now, power down the printer, wait a minute or two, then power it back on. Sometimes a hard reboot can correct problems with the printer.

Should this not work, the last troubleshooting step you can perform on your own is to head over to the manufacturer of the printer's website (such as and choose the "Support and Downloads" tab. You may need an updated driver for the printer. Choose the printer make and model you are using and locate the latest driver download. Select to download the driver and allow the computer to run through the installation process. If this does not correct the problem, you need to take your barcode label printer in for repairs.

Barcode Printer Repairing

One of the good things about a barcode label printer is there really are very few moving parts. The fewer the moving parts the better as this means there are less areas for problems to arise. There might be a circuit glitch where something became disconnected internally or the thermal printing might not be properly pressing down on the paper, resulting in nothing being printed on the paper. Regardless of the issue, the pros at Governor Business Solutions can take in your printer, determine the problem and correct it for you. This way, you can be back and running with your printer as quickly as possible.

The next time you have trouble with your printer, make sure to bring it into the professionals. Governor Business Solutions can correct and repair your printer, regardless of the issue, so you can get it up and running again.

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