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How to Refill Your Laser Printer Toner Cartridge

Posted on Mon, Jul 24, 2017

Constantly purchasing brand new laser printer toner cartridges can quickly become a major expense, especially in a larger business. There are a handful of "refillable" options available, but often these are either built of an inferior quality or not made for larger laser printers. However, it is possible to refill your laser printer toner cartridge yourself. Refilling your cartridge can save hundreds of dollars over the purchase of new cartridges, and while you can't indefinitely refill a single cartridge over and over (it will eventually wear down), even refilling the cartridge once can prove financially beneficial. Here are tips in how to refill your laser printer toner cartridge


Understanding Your Toner

laser-printer-toner-cartridgeBefore getting into the refilling process, you need to identify the correct toner to use. Toner from one ink cartridge to the next is not the same. The cartridge is made to handle toner of a set weight, chemical type and grain size. Using the wrong toner will ruin your ink cartridge. So take note of ink designation of your laser printer toner cartridge when shopping around for toner. This way, when buying new toner, you know exactly what to look for. 


Plug or No Plug

All laser cartridges have a hold tank for the toner powder (yes, it comes in powder form, not liquid when dealing with a laser printer). Some cartridges has a visible plug somewhere. It usually is circular in size and can be unscrewed (the screw it generally made from plastic, so avoid applying too much torque when twisting, otherwise you'll strip the plastic screw and the holding tank thread, which will cause leaking and prevent your cartridge from being used again).  Other cartridges though do not have a fill-hole. When this is the case you'll need to purchase a refill kit made for such an issue.

The fill kit for a cartridge without a fill hole uses a burn tool that melts a hole into the cartridge while providing you with a plug to stopgap the new hole. It is important to follow the instructions on these kits precisely, otherwise you'll melt too large of a hole or cause other damage to the cartridge that is not fixable. 


Adding the Toner

With either the fill-hole plug removed or a new hole melted in, now is the time to add in the toner. Make sure you purchased toner that matches the ink designation for your cartridge. Never purchase  "universal" toner as the chances of it not working on your cartridges are high. The laser printer toner cartridge likely comes with a small funner cap so you can easily pour the toner into the cartridge. When purchasing the replacement toner, it likely is the perfect amount for your cartridge (as it is designed to match the toner already inside so the manufacturers of the toner already know how much to include). Avoid shaking the toner out. Keeping it upside down while pouring will ensure everything enters the cartridge. 


Closing the Cartridge

laser-printer-toner-cartridgeIf you are lucky enough to have a printer cartridge with a pre made fill-hole all you need to do is place the cap back into place and you're good to go. However, if you had to use the create-your-own-hole option with the toner kit, there is specific aluminum tape provided for this. Apply the tape over the hole and make sure everything is secured properly. It is essential to not use this kind of cartridge in a location where there is humidity or moisture as it eventually will cause the tape to peel, which in turn can cause a mess. Shake the toner to distribute the toner and you're ready.


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