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Reduce Your Printing Costs Using Managed Print Services (MPS)

Posted on Mon, Jul 23, 2012


It’s the line item in your budget that makes you cringe: Printer & Document Management. Now there is help to reduce your overall printing costs!

Did you know that your business could be spending up to 5% of its revenue on print and document management? Not only that, a recent white paper from Buyers Laboratory Inc. estimates that 90% of businesses do not know what they spend on internal desktop and network printing.

Let’s look at a few other statistics:

- According to Datamation, document-related expenses cost 5-15% of corporate revenues.

- Xplor found that paper use is increasing 6-8% each year, and is expected to grow for the next 20 years.

- DocuTrends estimated that 70% of white-collar time is spent processing paper.

- Print volume surpassed copy volume as early as 1995, according to Hewlett-Packard.

- The Gartner Group states that output fleets are one of the most overlooked and undermanaged assets and thus cost enterprises 1-3% of revenue per year – think about all those savings!


Hopefully by now, we have convinced you that it is time to reduce your printing costs and save your organization money!

The answer is not as complex as you may think. You can begin realizing savings by utilizing Managed Print Services (MPS).
Companies who have implemented Managed Print Services realize savings of up to 30% on their total in-house printing costs.

Ultimately, Managed Print Services can help your company strategically streamline the management of your output print environment, minimize costs, and maximize business results and reduce your printing costs, here’s how:


Think of it as the “life-cycle” of an MPS program:

Assessment: What is the total cost of operating your company’s current printing and imaging infrastructure?

Implementation: Transition to the new MPS system which will deliver continuous return on investment (ROI).

Management & Support: Achieve ongoing ROI through scalable support services. These are cost effective and will help maximize productivity.

Document & Workflow: Helps increase business efficiency.

All of this achieves the end goal of reducing your printing costs!

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