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Process of Repairing Your Multi-Function Printer

Posted on Mon, Aug 29, 2016

A multi-function printer is a fantastic investment for your office or small business. It will allow you do everything for imaging, from scan, print, copy and fax; it can handle all the print jobs of the entire company. Of course, if the multi-function printer fails on you, it can bring operations to a halt. Due to this, you need to know the process of repairing your multi-function printer. When your multi-function printer starts to act-up, there are a variety of options you can do to troubleshoot the issue before calling a professional printer repair technician

Image result for printer repairReferring to the Error Codes

When troubleshooting your multi-function printer, first look to see if there is an error code shown on the screen. This code should appear in one of two different locations. First, it may appear on the computer sending the print request. It may also appear on the digital display of the printer as well. This code can identify the exact problem you're running into. The multi-function printer's owner's manual will explain exactly how to correct it. More often than not it is a minor issue you can correct yourself. However, if it isn't, or if you need a replacement part installed, you may need to consider hiring a printer repair technician to check out your printer.


If your printer is not displaying error codes or you don't know where to look, there are some other troubleshooting tips you can follow. If you have already swapped out ink cartridges and the multi-function printer is running into ink problems, part of the printed document is streaked or set areas of the page are not printing, you may have a printer head problem. If you go into the printer's software on your computer, you can have it perform a self-clean function. If this doesn't work to correct the issue you likely need a new printer head. The staff at Governor Business Solutions can help walk you through the entire replacement process, or you can contact them through the Governor Business Solutions website in order to setup repair services.

If your printer fails to turn on, check the power connection. If other devices are receiving power through the connected surge protector you may have blown a fuse. Many larger multi-function printers have a fuse system in place in order to help prevent internal electrical damage to the device. Check your owner's manual for fuse location. If you remove the fuse and it is damaged, blackened in some areas or part of the fuse is disconnected, it means the fuse no longer works and you need to replace it. Once you have a replacement fuse you can easily pop it back into place and it will once again begin receiving power.

One of the most common issues with printers revolve around paper jams. This comes from either putting too much paper into the paper tray, trying to remove paper while it is in use, or if the paper you are using is extremely thin and lightweight, the printer may take up multiple sheets at once, which can cause the paper jam. Check the paper for a jam if the printer is not producing finished documents (and stop sending print requests to the printer until the jam is corrected).

Finding Replacement Parts

If you are in need of replacement parts or looking for a professional, experienced printer repair technician, go to a company that provides thousands of printer parts all in one location, such as Governor Business Solutions.

In order to locate the correct replacement part, please make sure to contact Governor Business Solutions with the name of the printer, or even the printer model of the printer you need the part for. The model number will be either listed right on the front of the printer (often by the control panel) and/or on the rear of the printer on a metal plate.


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