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Advancement of Printing Technology in 2015

Posted on Mon, Jan 5, 2015

2014 has been a year of much change and technological advancement. We've seen the advent of new technologies. We've watched as wearable devices learned how to track our movements and motivate activity. We've been at the forefront of watching 3D printing develop from a concept to an executable solution, and we've seen several new phones and computer systems drop. A lot has gone on in 2014, especially in the printing world, but that doesn't mean 2015 will be stagnant. In fact, you can expect to see further expansion on the technological leaps we took in 2014, in the New Year and beyond. The printing world, in many ways, is being completely transformed and redesigned. It is an exciting time to be in the business, to utilize new technologies. So, what big printing technologies can we expect to see in 2015?

printing-technology3D Printers - 3D Printing technology will continue to grow in 2015, according to research. Experts suggest that the number of 3D printers sold in 2015 will double from the year prior, and 2016 will see double that number. That doesn't mean that consumers are going to run out and buy 3D printers in droves, but the technology is getting better, and there are more and more things that are going to now be possible because of 3D printers. Many businesses and professional designers will surely find a place for 3D printing in their worlds. Simply put, this is not a fad technology, it is highly likely to stay.

printing-technologyEco-Friendly Printers (Green Certified) - The availability of eco-friendly printing technology is sure to increase in 2015, as well. The world is trending towards more eco-friendly options in every other avenue, and printing is starting to catch up. Eco-friendly inks are currently on the market, but 2015 will be were the technology for eco-friendly inks and printers will get a boost.

printing-technologyPrinting Demands - Printing needs will not slow, as once projected. Sure, people are getting more selective about the papers they print, but outdoor signage and screen printing is seeing a resurgence and eco-friendly printers and ink will be used in 2015, and beyond to accommodate that need. According to research the United States will lead that need, followed by the Asia-pacific region. According to the same research, you can expect to see a surge in digital ink needs.

As stated, there is a selective nature to printing now that didn't exist 10 or even 20 years ago. Because much of the day-to-day business dealings can be done digitally, your company probably doesn't need to print 100 different memos every day, but what does need to be printed is more important than ever. Because of this, business owners can expect to see a rise in the need for efficient and economical printing options. Printers are becoming more efficient. They can print more pages than ever before, and do so quietly and without taking up a huge footprint in smaller offices. Efficiency is the name of the game for printing technology in 2015.

printing-technologyMulti-Function Printers (MFPs) - Where we once focused on "all-in-one" solutions, the printing world is now doing an about face. More efficient printers that do more than one job are becoming more popular. Where business are able to copy, scan, fax, and print from one device. Multi-function printers, such as Canon 5255 and the HP 4540 are absolutely gaining more popularity than ever before, due to their high quality output and efficient speeds. 

printing-technologySpecialized Printers - Barcode printers, QR code printers and label printers are in that group of printing technology. Barcode printers, and label printers, for example, are becoming stars of the business world, as our businesses strip down and really take a look at the efficiency of their processes. Barcode and QR code printers, in particular, are especially useful for businesses that cater to the technologically minded. Technology for these types of printing activities is growing an exponential rate, and researchers expect to see more companies utilizing this technology. The printing from barcode and QR code printers is quick, efficient and useful for day-to-day operations and interactions with consumers.

As the 2014 year came to a rapid and quick close, you may be wondering what printing technology your business will begin utilizing in this New Year. Well, that depends on your business and your business' unique needs. To help you answer that question, a printer specialist can come visit you for a complementary free assessment to recommend the best devices to fit your work environment, achieving maximum efficiency and quality.

Printing technology is sure to move in an exciting and fast-paced direction in the New Year. For a free assessment on your current print environment, contact us and our printer experts will be glad to made their recommendations to improve your printing efficiencies, security and the quality of your printing output.

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