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Take advantage of the printing features on your new printer

Posted on Mon, Jun 9, 2014

When your company pays for additional features on your printing devices, such as saddle stitch, specific staple settings, scan to email etc., you would think it's in the company's best interest to use the printing features on a daily basis. Although the printing features are wonderful additions to any office, not all employees in a company know how to use all cool features on the new printers. Our printer professionals has come up with a couple reasons why it's important to purchase printing devices from a company that will train your employees how to use the device the right way, without taking up wasted valuable time.

Printers used right, benefit the total operationsPrinter Trainer

When your business has the tools it needs, it can run smoothly and efficiently. The proper tools ensure that employees can get the work done they need to quickly and effectively. Outdated printers can lead to valuable time and money wasted, since the machines that print more slowly are not as cost-effective to run, and cause headaches when employees can use printing features they need to do their jobs. Printers, like any other tool in the office, are an important part of making sure your business is successful.

Time-savers can be time-wasters

Unfortunately, when you have printers with lots of features and options, the investment to save time and energy can lead to employees wasting time and energy (only if you don't know how to use them). Not only do they struggle to get simple printing done, but employees can actually waste time trying to figure out how to get the printer to do what they need it to do. When this happens, the new printer becomes more of a problem than the one it is replacing, and business operations can suffer.

Maximize your printer with Printer Trainers

Once you have the printer with the features you need, it’s important to set aside time to train employees on how to use the printer and its options properly. Having a printer trainer come into the office to show your employees how to use the printer will not only save time and headache as they learn the new features, but will ensure that the investment of the printer is used to its fullest potential as part of your business operations.

printing featuresIt’s important that your employees have the best tools at their disposal to do their jobs efficiently and to their best, printers included. And when you get a new printer with all the features and printing options your employees need, it’s equally important to ensure your employees know how to use the printer to keep your time-saver from becoming a time-waster. Spending just a little time with a qualified printer trainer can mean your new printer is one of the best investments you can make for your employees.

When your business invests in the up-to-date technology tools it needs to help business run smoothly, you want to be sure that your employees are using the tools properly. After all, it doesn’t benefit anyone to have the latest and greatest printer with features and printing options if the employees only use it as a glorified copy machine. When your company purchases printing devices through a company that offers printer training, such as Governor Business Solutions, it make a world of differences for the company, the employees and the investment on the printer.

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