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5 Easy Steps to Save 30% of Printing Costs in 30 Days

Posted on Mon, Dec 15, 2014

Have you ever been tasked with figuring out how to save your company money in the budget? If you have, you probably know what a complex issue it can be. You have to carefully balance what is needed, and what is completely unnecessary to ensure the company runs at full capacity and efficiency. What if we told you that you could save up to 30% of your printing costs in just 30 days by following five simple tips? It is a simple, easy and easily integrated plan that can make your company’s budget look a little brighter.cut-print-costs-cta

Step 1: Stop Printing Unnecessarily

Research suggests that half of all pages that are currently being printed don’t actually need to be printed. After all, the advent of technology has changed the way we communicate with one another, so why are companies still printing off things like memos? The first step to saving big on your printing costs is to stop printing so much. Your business isn't immune to this problem; in fact, about 90% of businesses are printing unnecessary pages.

Step 2: Replace Old Machines  

Many companies think it is more cost effective to keep a printer around for as long as possible, but that isn’t true. New printers are much cheaper than older printers, plus they are far more efficient. If you have a printer lying around that is more than a few years old, odds are you are spending unnecessary money on toner, ink and energy. Your printing costs are likely unnecessarily high.

Step 3: Keep Track of Printing

Playing off of the “the more you know…” adage, keeping track of what each person prints can really help your printing costs. First, it allows you to see where wasteful printing is being done, and it keeps employees accountable. Colleges and schools have imposed limitations on each students printing capabilities, so why aren't businesses doing it, too? You can easily accommodate those who need to do more printing with a higher printer limitation, and you’ll keep everyone accountable for what they print.

Step 4: Lay Down some Ground Rules

The “honor system” is nice in theory, but every so often there will be someone who takes advantage of that system and it can cost a company big. Consider laying down some ground rules and implementing them slowly. To ensure you don’t upset your team of workers, try phrasing it with a positive spin. Inform them of how much they’ll be saving the company and how those saving can trickle down to them, or institute a “green” initiative. You will see a huge cut in the number of pages printed; simply by informing workers of how much each printing job actually costs the company and the environment.

Step 5: Limit the Number of Devices

Every office has devices that are unnecessary. While the old fax machine might not see as much usage as it once did, it is still being used, even though a multi-function printer is just down the corridor. Get rid of redundant equipment, and swap out “one-trick pony” equipment for multi-function options. You’ll save big on power, paper and ink without even realizing.

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