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Good Options When Looking For Printer Repair Service Provider

Posted on Tue, May 12, 2015

Service PortalIf your company is in the possession of one printer, or a multitude of different printers that are earmarked for specific jobs, you've probably considered printer service and maintenance providers. Let's be honest, printers can be difficult and finicky pieces of machinery. While your staff may be perfectly capable of dealing with a random paper jam, or other inane errors, printers, especially large capacity printers can throw out a multitude of different error codes that you will, generally, need a professional to decode. With all that being said, you are probably wondering what you need to be looking for in printer service and repair providers, and exactly what your options are.

Ask About Response Time

As a business, one of your biggest needs when looking for a repair and service company is response time. After all, can your business really afford to have its printers down for multiple days while you wait on a repairman to show up? Most repair services should be able to offer same day or next day service. You should also check to ensure the staff carries parts with them. Asking this question ensures that the day your technician shows up is the same day that the issue is repaired. While some issues may take a few days to resolve, your repair provider should be able to deal with common issues on the spot. 

Most printer repair services that are on the up-and-up will offer testimonials from long-term clients. Seeing the reviews of long-term clients can be beneficial to your business in a multitude of different ways. Not only can you get a feel for the company's expertise, but you'll also be able to gauge how quick and dependable the company is. If the service provider doesn't offer this upfront, you may ask about recommendations.

Check Into Their Expertise

Local Printer Repair MichiganWhile many printer repair service providers can fix run-of-the-mill printers, not all repair services are skilled and knowledgeable in specialty printers. If you happen to have QR code printers, or large format printers you'll want to look for a company that has experience dealing with these specialized machines. Not all printers are created equally, and thus they'll need to be serviced in a different manner than more mainstream, workhorse printers. If your company houses a multitude of different printers, you'll want to make sure your service provider has varied experience and can deal with all the models that you are currently using in-house.


When testing out different printer repair service providers, what may really set one company apart from the other is its warranty offerings. Warranties are different across the board, so they can serve as a pretty good barometer for the company's confidence in their team. What you'll want to look for is a company that stands behind their repairs with a lengthy warranty. Not only does this ensure the company is on the level with their repairs, but it can also save your company a great deal of money in return visits to fix the same problem repeatedly.

Additional Options

When interviewing printer repair service providers you may come across different options and plans. This is pretty normal, but you'll want to ensure you pick a plan that best meets the needs of your office. Most experts agree that a maintenance plan is often cheaper (in the long term)than a simple repair plan, and it offers more coverage. A maintenance plan often also offers a discounted rate on emergency repairs, and regular maintenance may cut down on your need to repair and replace machinery.

Leasing options are also often available. Through a leasing program, the maintenance and repair of the machine is built into the cost of the leasing program. During the life of a lease most repairs are covered, and you can simply trade in the machinery for newer models as your business sees fit. This is especially beneficial if your company is still growing and your printing needs may increase over time.

Picking a printer repair service isn't as simple as simply picking a name out of the phone book, or a slew of different online review websites. Because you'll be creating a relationship, you'll want to find a company that is no only dependable, cost-effective and efficient, but you'll also want to look for a company that jives with your corporate culture. This can be a difficult task, but with these simple rules and tips, you should be able to find a printer repair service that ticks every box on your list of personal needs.


One Response to “Good Options When Looking For Printer Repair Service Provider”

  1. Sam Fisher says:

    With printers, we all think that they will last forever and nothing has to be done. Well you are wrong. You do have to take care of them or they will not last. Plus, not everything is perfect so at any given moment, something could break. Luckily for us, there are people who specialize in repairing printers of various models. When looking for a company, I’d ask about the response time. Like you said, a business isn’t doing business if things are broken so you need to get that printer fixed as soon as possible.

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