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How much are you spending on your printing activities?


If you’re spending too much, we can help!

No matter what type of business you are in, it is likely that printing is one of the necessities, but print costs seem to increase all of the time, and between paper, cartridges and other supplies and the purchase or maintenance of printers, the costs can add up. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that printing can hurt your bottom line, and some solutions to prevent that from happening.

Let’s Discuss Your Printing Costs

The more printing that you do, the easier it is to find ways to save money, and depending upon the size of your company, that savings could be several thousand dollars. In order to identify ways that you can cut costs, let’s first take a look at what your printing entails.

  • Paper, Ink Cartridges & Other Supplies
  • Replacing or purchasing printers
  • Maintenance costs & downtime on your devices


Like Most Companies, You Could Be Overspending on Print

Based upon our savings with previous customers, we estimate for every employee, you can save the following with our Managed Print Savings program:


print savings estimator


Find out how much you could start saving with our
Print Savings Estimator.

How to Save Money on Printing:

There are a lot of ways to save money on your printing each month, but the most effective way to save money is through managed print services. Managed print services can cut costs across the board, up to 30%. Here are some tips to save money on printing:

  • Consider upgrading your machines to more efficient printers
  • Consolidate the number of printers in your office to only what’s necessary
  • Decide if printing in color is necessary for every device in your office