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Oce, Canon, or Hewlett Packard Large Format Printer?

Posted on Mon, Apr 24, 2017

Purchasing a large format printer is not a one size fits all investment. There are different brands out there, each of which are known for offering different features and benefits. Oce, Canon and Hewlett Packard are three of the most known and purchased large format printer brands on the market today. Before purchasing one it is necessary to look into what each is able to offer before moving forward with buying the equipment.

Image result for canon large format printersCanon Printers

Canon is most often associated with photographic work. The company itself sells the best selling Canon lineup of digital SLR cameras. Everything else it offers revolves around image production quality, including its printers. Desktop printers from Canon are often some of the very best photo grade printers. The same holds true with a Canon large format printer. These printers may not have some of the bells and whistles in terms of business productivity as other brands, but in terms of sheer image quality on a large scale, few brands are able to complete up and down with the offerings from Canon.


Image result for oce large format printersOce Printers

The Oce VarioPrint lineup of printers is owned by Canon. Due to this, you will find many of the same features and specs on the Oce printers as you would the Canon printers.  Canon purchased the Netherlands based company back in 2009 in a means to build its competitiveness in the business printing sector. The VarioPrint large format printers are the biggest in scale from Oce, although there are other options. This can include the Arizona, the ColorWave, PlotWave and other models of large formats.

Many of the Oce printers lean towards document production instead of photography production. A large number of the printers also come with scanning and copying features as well. If you have used Canon products in the past and have liked the quality of the equipment, customer service from the company or another reason entirely but need the equipment more for document production, Oce may be the desired option.


Image result for hp large format printersHewlett Packard Printers

A Hewlett Packard large format printer comes in a variety of sizes and production styles. A Hewlett Packard large format printer, much like Oce, is designed more so towards the business spectrum rather than photography spectrum, but many of the HP printers do excellent in certain photo printing. HP printers are well rounded and come with a host of features.

When comparing an HP large format printer with that of a Canon, the Canon almost always comes out on top regarding photography. Several top of the line HP printers have a total nozzle count of 6,336 while the total nozzle count on the Canon printers is 15,360. The line weight is also smaller (which is better) with the Canon printers, as top of the line print jobs comes with a .02 mm line weight. The best photo Hewlett Packard large format printer options usually range between .02 to .07. If you like borderless printing, all Canon printers allow you to do this, while most HP printers only let you do this while producing photos.

While the Canon printers generally produce better photographs, HP printers perform well when looking at office related features. There are more hard drive and RAM size options with HP printers, so you can tailor select a printer capable of working with your needs.


No Bad Printers

When looking at top of the line large format printers there really isn't a bad way to go with HP, Canon and Oce. Realistically it just depends on the kind of information you plan on printing, the size and if you want business or photography content.

For more details on the different large format printers, please contact the large format printer specialists, Governor Business Solutions at or 313-441-4600. 

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