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Why MFPs Matter to IT Security


The average MFP (multi-function product/peripheral/printer) is capable of doing much more than printing, copying and scanning. An MFP can:

  • -Connect to a wireless network
  • -Store documents
  • -Identify the origin of a document or task
  • -Provide user authentication
  • -Encrypt data


Data that makes its way through or finds a home on your MFP include:

  • -Financial information
  • -Trade secrets
  • -Intellectual property
  • -Confidential documents
  • -Personnel files


With the amount of data – and the sensitivity of data – that is sent, shared and stored by an MFP on a daily basis, IT managers need to make sure such a device is completely secure. Threats can come in many forms, from email viruses, to a network intruder, to something as simple and careless as a sensitive document being left on the device. As MFPs and organizations become more connected, the threats become more dangerous.

Governor Business Solutions recommends taking a comprehensive approach to securing your MFP. This includes evaluating and monitoring network access, users, image data, output and audit trails. Contact us and let us work with your IT department to help ensure that your MFPs are secure so your employees, your data and your business are protected.