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Multifunction printers are worth the investment!

Posted on Mon, Mar 30, 2015

Both individuals and businesses have become incredibly intelligent, efficient and resourceful over the past few decades. We've reached the point in technology where we no longer need a single machine to perform one specific function. More and more modern day offices are opting to invest in multifunction printers. These devices are jacks of all trades yet they are also masters of them as well.

multifunction-printersThe Machine That Wears Many Hats

When you rely on a multifunction printer for your business needs, itis a bit like hiring an amazing employee who multitasks like no other. Your multifunction printer can print a high volume of documents, scan in documents, make copies, send faxes and more. It is reliable, efficient, flexible and eco-friendly. A multifunction printer also helps to standardize a business's printing fleet. Other benefits include the ability to print in monochrome and color, its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, Ethernet capabilities, competitive pricing and diminutive size.

Don't be Scared off by the Alleged Bulk of a Multifunction Printer

While most people envision a bulky and annoying object when they think of a multifunction printer, this is not the case. Although the multifunction printers of yesteryear might have been large, times have changed. We've gone to great lengths to decrease our multifunction printer's size so that it doesn't take up a significant amount of space in your office. You'll likely be able to fit it in the corner of your office or in another tight space without a problem. For an example, Governor Busienss Solutions offers the newest line of Hewlett-Packard multifunction printers, such as the HP Laserjet Pro MFP.

Why Your Business Needs a Multifunction Printer

The clear benefit of a multifunction printer is its flexibility. Since it prints, copies, scans, faxes and more, your office can take the money that it would have used to buy all of those individual machines and spend it more prudently. Some multifunction printers even permit businesses to pay solely for the services that they take advantage of on the machine. Just think of all the time and effort you will save by walking up to your multifunction printer to grab your print outs, make copies and scan in a few documents. You will no longer have to shuffle from machine to machine in order to perform office tasks. While it might seem hard to believe, those extra steps and effort spent at individual machines really do add up to a substantial amount of time over the years. 

multifunction-printersYour business will love how easy and effective your multifunction printer is. It's an investment that is well worth the little bit of money that it costs. You'll find that your employees waste less time moving in between devices as the multifunction printer has everything that is necessary to perform their work. Your business's productivity will increase as will employee morale. Nobody wants to learn how to use a number of unique devices spaced across the office. That's an inefficient use of resources. Hunting down the unique equipment and supplies required of each office machine is also a waste of your company's manpower, time, effort and money. Your office operations will be streamlined with a multifunction printer and you'll even save less on supplies. Simply put, all office activities are simplified and made much more efficient with a multifunction printer.

Consolidate your office functions with a Governor Business Solutions multifunction printer today. We sell and repair printers as well as printer parts. We welcome the opportunity to help you improve your business's productivity. Please contact us today to tell us what kind of documents you print, scan, fax and copy and we'll help you determine which multifunction printer is best for your printing environment.

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