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How much outdated barcode scanners costing your company?

Posted on Mon, Jan 8, 2018

Barcode scanners add a new level of reliability to the office. From checking customers out at the point of sales to staying on top of stock and shipping quotas, barcode scanners help take your company to the next level. However, do you have outdated barcode scanners? Equipment a few years or older can slow your company down and cost you money. So if your hardware is costing your company money, now is the perfect time to upgrade away from the outdated equipment and into modern options

Slow Wireless Connection

Wireless connection speeds, both with Internet based and Bluetooth based connections, have increased dramatically in recent years. Due to this, if you're running something more than a few years old, if it is wireless in the first place, it's probably slowing down everyone. Your worker needs to wait for the information to send back to the servers and update the stock or other checked data. Even if it's only a second or two lost, this is a second or two lost every single time, which really adds up. By updating your equipment, you can save at least several hours a week of worker productivity. Just imagine what you can do with those added hours. 

Energy Efficiency

As barcode scanners have become faster, the hardware has also become more energy efficient as well. This way, it doesn't drain as much energy. If the barcode scanner runs off of the computer, it pulls power directly through the USB connection port. If it is a wireless device that hooks up into a recharging dock, the older docks take more power to run. This way, if you upgrade to newer barcode scanners, you'll cut down on energy consumption every single month. It's a few dollars a month with each barcode scanner, which will in the end put several hundred dollars back into your pocket annually. 

Missed Orders And Incorrect Stock Information

Have you ever run into a problem where you did not send an order out on time or you had the incorrect stock information listed, all because the barde code scanners either didn't update the information or it took so long to send the scanned request that by the time it reached the central data center someone had attempted to place an order for an item actually out of stock? There are all sorts of problems that come up when it comes to older barcode scanners. While a few minutes here or there or additional energy usage does begin to add up, a single missed order can cause you all sorts of problems. First, it makes the company look bad. It more than likely results in a cancelled order, and it can lead to negative reviews. A single negative review may cause others to avoid buying your products and shopping with you in the future, all because of a barcode error. 

Make sure you avoid these kinds of barcode errors in the future. By updating your barcode scanners, you'll not only have the latest in barcode technology but you'll also see money saving opportunities across the board with your business. 

Zebra-PF-logo-Advanced-Template-300x149Barcode scanners have the ability to increase productivity while saving you time and money. However, if your business is relying on outdated barcode scanners, now is the perfect time to upgrade and update the equipment. This will go a long way in boosting productivity, speeding up the production process and simply help you save money along the way. So check out the selection and money saving opportunities available at Governor Solutions to see exactly how you can take your company to the next level. 

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