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Finding the Most valued Printer for your Business can be Tough

Posted on Mon, Jan 26, 2015

Every business needs a good printer. Deciding on the right one is the challenging part. It's hard to choose from all the printers as each seems to have unique functions and special features. Before you take a look at the options, spend some time thinking about your business's printing needs. The types of projects that you print will play a significant role in the printer that you choose.

Inkjet Vs. Laser

HP LaserJet MFPThere are two main types of printers: Inkjet and laser. The simplest forms of each will be quite affordable. As you add more features, the cost can add up quick. A business looking to pay as little as possible for a printer should opt for an inkjet. Bare bones inkjets can cost as little as $50 or $60. The most affordable laser printer will be around $100. It is worth pointing out that the cheapest inkjets come loaded with an initial ink cartridge that isn't full. Most consumers don't know that you'll have to refill it soon after you purchase the printer. It's a good idea to do your research before you rush right out to buy an inkjet printer for your business. Its low price is tempting but that doesn't tell the entire story.

Keep Posterity In Mind

As your business uses the printer, you'll have maintenance and supplies cost that will have to be paid for down the road. You'll need paper, ink and toner on a regular basis. Don't underestimate the cost of these supplies as they can add up quite quickly. The problem with inkjet printers is that they have a higher upkeep cost. Each page printed with color ink will equate to 20 cents compared to 7 cents for strictly black and white prints. On average, the most affordable laser printers will run about 6 cents per page.

It might be more prudent to pay a higher up front cost for a top of the line laser printer that spits out pages at less than 6 cents per page as it will save money over the long haul. It all depends on the needs and budget of your unique business. Business owners should know that while high end laser printers have a low cost per page, they'll require more replacement parts like a maintenance kit and fuser cartridges.

Printer Types Beyond Inkjet and Laser

When searching for the most valued printer for your business, consider the type the printer you want. Both inkjet and laser printers are sold in base form as Document printers. If your office will only be printing simple items like e-mails, Word documents, web pages and Excel spreadsheets, a Document printer will suffice. If you work in a field that requires the printing of high quality color photos, go with a Photo printer. These printers create beautiful color images that rival those printed at professional printing businesses.

There are also multifunction models on the market, which are becoming very popular in business environments. These do more than just print documents. They have built in copy, scan and fax capabilities along with document feeders. A single machine with all of these functions can save you money and reduce the time that you and your staff spend shuffling between machines. If you have an inkling that you'll need scan, copy or fax capabilities, don't hesitate to get a multifunction unit as its versatility will really pay dividends in the long run. While Photo printers and multifunction printers are more expensive than the basic Document printers, their capabilities might save your organization money as time progresses.

HP M880 MFP dealOther Considerations

Go Wireless! Consider picking up a wireless printer. It's incredibly convenient as it empowers you and your employees to print from anywhere in the office. The most advanced wireless printers will even let you print from mobile devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones when you are away from work.

Ever thought of a Large Format Printer? If you find your business going to the print shop on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, maybe you should consider purchasing a Large format printer so your large prints such as, posters, banners, & car wraps can be done in-house, saving your company time and money. 

Printing Volumes. When choosing a printer, you must also consider the volume of print jobs that your organization will require. Printers hold different amounts of sheets. If you print only a few items per day, you won't have to worry about constantly re-loading paper into your printer. A basic printer can hold around 100 sheets of paper in its single tray. Many businesses print thousands of sheets per day and require a printer that holds hundreds of sheets. Some printers have dedicated photo trays that reduce the frequency of paper swapping. Upper end printers designed for highly active businesses have multiple paper trays that can accommodate up to 1,000 sheets of paper.

Printer Settings. Another key consideration is duplexing, to print on both sides of paper. Duplexing can halve printing costs. Some printers have automatic duplexing and others have manual duplexing. It's also helpful to consider printers with display screens. These screens help users select menu options and view the status of print jobs. The lower end displays typically show a couple lines of text. The most upscale printers have full color LCD displays and some even have a touchscreens. Displays can be quite helpful in problem solving and fast tracking the activation of printer features.

Overall, when you're looking for the most valued printer for your business, consider these tips. Don't assume the cheapest printer upfront will save you the most over the long run. However, if you are interested in learning more about printer savings, use our free Printer Savings Tool, to help you discover how much you could be cutting down on your printer related costs. Click here to start

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