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Monitor and manage your organizations environmental impact of printing

Posted on Tue, Oct 27, 2015

Green BillingAs a business in the community, you may have thought about reducing your company's environmental impact - with small changes to your printing strategies you can do that. Printing has long been an important part of any business. Printing also plays an important role on your expense report and on the environment. Paper is made from trees and the ink comes in plastic containers, so how are you able to cut down and your environmental impact of printing? All you need to do is implement a printing strategy that helps your company reduce the number of printers, to create a more efficient and a low cost printing environment. When your company implements a strategy like this, printing costs can reduce and your impact on the environment will be reduced! To start saving on your printing costs and being environmentally conscious at the same time, consider taking a closer look at these printing supplies:

Your Printing Paper

You have a few different options when it comes to your paper, and there are several printer specialists out there, such as Governor Solutions that's willing to work with you if your company for specific guidance. First, it's important to find the right paper stock. Unless you need a very specific thickness or weight, using a recycled paper is an excellent start - which works great for inner office documents. Having a paper recycling bin somewhere in the office is a great addition to this strategy. Place it in a location that is easily accessible to all of your employees (or just have a few different ones). This way, instead of adding to the garage, the paper can be recycled and, potentially, turned into more recycled paper.

With your paper, you can print on both sides, which reduces the amount of paper used. When presenting content to your office, if you are producing a multi-page document, why not just print on both sides instead of on one side and using twice the amount of paper. After all, if you print out 50 pages for 10 people, that is an entire ream of paper. Over time, that drastically cuts down on your environmental impact of printing, not to mention your operational costs.

The Ink

On the flip side of the paper aspect, your company should also consider the ink output. Ink comes inside of that small piece of plastic. It isn't a large amount of plastic when you compare it to other items your office might use, but it is still something you should be mindful of.

To reduce the ink usage follow these easy steps - when producing documents inside of the office, go into the settings menu on your program and change the printing configuration to "draft" mode. This reduces the amount of ink you use significantly. The font is still very easy to read, however it isn't as thick or bold. For material you hand out to other businesses and customers, you may want to print with normal settings, but inside the office, draft mode is just fine and both reduces the amount of ink you use and speeds up the printing process.

Other ways to improve your environmental impact of printing is to use refillable ink cartridges. This way, you'll never actually need to throw away that piece of plastic. Instead, you just refill it. Now, with that being said, there are going to be some printers and cartridges you just can't purchase in refillable form. If that is the case, then you need to hold onto your cartridges. Different stores and businesses in your area will take the cartridge and recycle it for you. They might also repackage the cartridge so it can hold ink again. This way, you are not tossing ink cartridges into the trash. By not tossing the plastic into the trash, the only real environmental impact of printing you are producing is your paper, and if you recycle the spent paper, you essentially cut down this entire impact to nothing outside of the electricity you use to print documents. For more tips on how to monitor and manage your organizations environmental impact of printing, contact a printing specialist, such as Governor Business Solutions at 313-441-4600.

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