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Mobile’s Impact on Electronic Workflow Management

Posted on Fri, Mar 15, 2013

The corporate technology landscape is changing. The emergence of mobile has led more and more companies to develop bring-your-own-device (BYOD) solutions as a way to create more flexibility, productivity and cost-efficiency. Unfortunately, most companies aren’t prepared to integrate mobile into electronic workflow management. That needs to change because the business case is too strong to ignore.

A BYOD solution is often viewed as a job perk, making a job and a company more appealing to applicants. It’s easier to manage tasks while on the go without disrupting personal time. Employees using their own devices know their programs and apps so they require less training.

Think about how much faster work can get done when you make mobile part of electronic workflow management. People view and respond to messages more quickly on their mobile devices, whether those messages come through an email, a text or an app. Compare that response time to a voicemail on a landline or an interoffice memo. It’s not even close.

Mobilizing workflow eliminates the unnecessary steps and wasted time associated with searching for Wi-Fi connections and accessing a VPN. Just open the workflow notification on your smartphone. You don’t have to wait for a laptop to boot up and find an internet connection. Just turn on your mobile device and respond from your client’s office, the back of a taxi, a parking lot, the airport, or the restaurant where you’re having lunch.

Suppose you have a prospect ready to sign off, but you need to get some last-minute details approved by your manager to close the deal. With mobile workflow management, this can be done in minutes, not hours, without a phone call or email. By speeding up the sales cycle, you lower the risk of losing the sale.

Flexibility. Productivity. Cost-efficiency. This is the rock-solid business case for integrating mobile into your electronic workflow management.

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