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Michigan’s Zebra Label Printer Provider

Posted on Mon, Aug 24, 2015


If you are a small to mid-sized business, looking for an affordable, easily managed printing solution, it would be wise to consider finding a printer provider that is dedicated to help you get there. Governor Business Solutions, is a small business that has been providing barcode solutions to hundreds of Michigan businesses for over 35 years, you can count on this Zebra barcode printer provider to get you the best solution to meet the needs of your business! Let us tell you more about the printers that our clients love the most:

The Zebra P4T/RP4T Barcode Printer

The Zebra P4T/RP4T is ideal for the business that needs a printer that will increase workplace efficiency while also being flexible. This Zebra barcode label printer is ideal for on demand shipping and receiving labeling, asset managing and tagging, container labeling and cross-docking, as well as many other possible uses.

Increased Efficiency

The Zebra P4T/RP4T printer can provide your company with on demand thermal transfer printing of labels and barcodes and other documents up to 4" wide. The P4T/RP4T is portable and easy to use, and the labels and barcodes it produces are long lasting.

There is always room for improvement in the everyday business setting. The P4T/RP4T printer by Zebra will help reduce errors by allowing portable, on the spot printing, increasing the efficiency of your business and reducing errors, therefore reducing costs.


If your company is looking for a portable printer with great flexibility, search no further. The Zebra P4T/RP4T thermal printer can print in many different fonts as well as a variety of barcode types and symbols. When your company has a need for more creativity in their labels, this printer has you covered.

Because the P4T/RP4T Zebra label printer has advanced wireless technology built into its system, it brings portability to a whole new level. It also comes with an order now, or order later, RFID option.

Zebra Xi4 Printer

You work hard all day long, and so should your printer. If your business needs a work horse printer, the Zebra Xi4 printer is the perfect choice. This printer was built to last, and built to work.

Built to Work

The Zebra Xi4 printer is built to work all day long, and every day. It is built with a rugged durability and can meet the tough expectations of the most demanding of workplaces. With print speeds up to 14" per second, the Xi4 can easily keep pace with high volume settings.

Quality and Reliability

When a business needs a tough printer that has outstanding print quality, the Xi4 will meet, and exceed, their expectations. It provides lightning fast print speeds with outstanding print quality. This printer is built with heavy gauge steel housing as well as metal interior components, giving it a long life. This printer can meet high demands with superior reliability.

You can find these Zebra label printers, as well as many other products and services that will meet your business' printing needs at Governor Business Solutions, Michigan's premier Zebra label printer provider.

If your business is interested in finding the best barcode solution, contact Governor Business Solutions at 313-441-4600, or visit our website at


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