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Best Michigan Zebra Printer Repair Technicians

Posted on Mon, Jun 8, 2015

Do you recall the guy who predicted that digital technology would result in a paperless office environment?  As you look around your office suite, you can’t help but feel that that guy was way off the mark judging by how stuffed your file cabinets still remain.  If his theory needed further evidence against it, that evidence is provided the minute the office printer goes down for the day.  If paper is the lifeblood of your business, you need to make sure that if your printer goes down, that you have a ready response team on tap to come in and get it back up and running again.

Emergency Repair Servicesprinting-technology

Whether you are operating a laser, inkjet, or large format printer, here at Governor Business Solutions, Michigan’s best zebra printer repair shop, we provide top-notched repair services for all makes and models of printers.  We service all major brands of laser printers like Lexmark, Xerox, HP, Intermec & Zebra, and Cannon, as well as being only one of two large format repair services in the Wolverine State.  Also, we have the skills and knowledge to handle all of your barcode printer repair service and maintenance needs as well.

The key to emergency printer repair is not only the knowledge base of the technicians that come out to service it, but the speed in which they arrive is also of critical importance. That’s why Governor Business Solutions guarantees quick, next day, or same day service throughout Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, and Monroe counties in Southeast Michigan.  In addition to providing a quick and efficient response to your printer emergency, we also offer stellar maintenance and service plans that will reduce your instances of breakdowns in the first place.

Stellar Maintenance and Service Plans

Avoiding the down time caused by a broken printer is easy with a comprehensive maintenance service agreement in place.  We understand that every business, and their budget, is different and we can tailor a plan that meets your specific needs and fits within your budget.  Annual maintenance plans and extended warranty agreements reduce the worry that your printer will be downed at the worst possible moment while greatly reducing the costs associated with keeping it up and running. 

Rather than simply sell you a maintenance plan off the rack however, we take the time to customize your plan. Our Michigan Zebra Printer Repair Technicians have a guaranteed fast response time, parts and labor included, unlimited phone tech support, and unlimited hardware related service calls.  In addition, if we need to remove your machine for repair, we will provide a comparable loaner machine for your use.

As they say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” so get that ounce ready with a preventative maintenance program long before the inner working of your printer begin to go awry.  From a onetime detailed cleaning and inspection to ongoing to a semi-annual preventative maintenance inspection to discounted service rates on repairs over the life of the contract, we make sure that that your equipment is up and running to your satisfaction.

Factory Certified Technicians

We service a wide array of commercial printers, and each of our technicians is factory trained to get the job done right for your particular model.  With 35-years in operation, we have built lasting partnerships with such firms as Canon, HP, Intermec, Xerox, Brother, Zebra, and more than a dozen others.  It is this type of training that makes us superior Zebra printer repair, as well as a host of other brands, in town.  As such, our team is fully dialed in when it comes to the latest technological developments and innovative solutions for our customer’s printer snafus. 

Michigan’s Best Zebra Printer Repair Company

When you're ready to take your printer maintenance to the next level, you should call the best Zebra printer repair company available in your region. Governor Business Solutions is proud to be that company in the Michigan location.  If you want to get control of your printing cost, and can’t afford to lose even a day of productivity owing to a faulty printer, then you should call our knowledgeable team Governor Business Solutions to help you find affordable print solution options for your Michigan-based business.


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