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Too many supplies at hand? Reduce Inventory with Managed Print

Posted on Mon, Jun 16, 2014

There are many good reasons to go with a managed print service, but one of them involves the space taken up by the supplies that you have to keep in stock to make sure that your printers are running and able to keep up with the work. Consumables like paper and toner can take up extra space in the office, make extra work for those who have to order it, and in general make your job harder. However, there is a solution that works well without having to keep inventory in managed print services.managed print inventory

What is it?

Not everyone knows what Managed Print Services are, so let us take a moment to explain exactly what it is. Managed print services allow you to turn the entire printing process and everything that goes with it, over to a company that specializes in doing exactly that - managing your printer fleet. A managed print service will take care of everything from the maintenance of your printers, to the supplies that they need. And there are some pretty compelling reasons to use a managed print specialist.

Managed Print Services Mean Less Worry

When you use managed printer services to maintain your printer fleet, you don't have to worry about managing all of the various things that go into keeping a fleet of printers up and running so that you can do business. You don't have to worry about inventory, nor do you have to keep track of printers that are malfunctioning because they will be kept maintained and stocked.

Less Inventory Means More Storage Space

Many times, space is at a premium, especially in a small office. That's why it's so helpful to have someone else managing your printers. You will be able to use the storage space that you used to use for paper, cartridges and other supplies for your printer fleet for something more important, like older files or storage.

“Companies who have implemented Managed Print Services,
achieve savings up to 30% off their printing costs”

Letting Someone Else Manage Your Printers Saves You Money

Probably the most compelling reason for allowing a professional manage your printers is that you save money. A company that manages your printers can give you detailed reports on printer usage so that you can see where costs can be cut, and what exactly you are spending money on. Also, because they take care of your supplies, you often save more money than if you were buying supplies yourself. Your managed print service provider will also be able to keep your fleet constantly running so that there is no down time, which means that your business will be operating at peak efficiency at all times.

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